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July 12, 2006



Wait a minute, you traded your MRRs for fucking hawkwind records, you go on to claim there's no politically charged hardcore these days based on your perusal of 7" bins of whatever shitty record shops you frequent and then have the gall to tar today's hardcore kids with the old Hot Topic brush.

Maybe you should have laid out a few bucks on an MRR for research.

Dave McGurgan

Dude, I just renewed my subscription to MRR. IMHO, it's as good as it's ever been. The columnists are really interesting and have some compelling things to say. I tend to skip over the scene reports, but there are usually 1-2 articles per issue that profile old and somewhat legendary bands. Plus there ARE a bunch of new bands who are following in the spirit of hardcore punk such as Career Suicide, Direct Control, Government Warning Terminal State and Formaldehyde Junkies. And MRR is still good for the ads so you can keep up with CD reissues, etc... I may be slowly becoming an old fart, but I still love my MRR! And also check out Razorcake!

Mike Lupica

MRR always struck me as completely forgettable compared with the unique voices that other (smaller) zines spoke with. I am consistently surprised to come across anyone who reads it. What's "Hot Topic", and why does everyone seem to feel so strongly about it?


You could debate the merits of MRR until the end of time but, as Dave mentions above, its the sheer amount of ads combined with its regularity and international distribution that gives it its real strength.
For a swarthy foreigner and suburban teenager such as myself there was no better thrill than stuffing some carefully concealed cash into an evelope, sending it to somewhere you'd never heard of and getting a few 7"s, more often than not a nice note and occasionally a lasting friendship in return.
Its the idea that this no longer happens, that only "oldsters" are interested in discography cds and that the hardcore kids of today are more interested in shopping at Hot Topic that I find objectionable, even laughable.

Although I wouldn't and couldn't defend the zine's actual content, that's a matter of taste and I agree with Mike on the smaller zines thing, I will say they've had some damn funny columnists over the years. Eugene Chadbourne when I first started reading and then later on Rev Norb wrote stuff that had me in stitches, for example -


I really want a tee-shirt that says, "Hey you kids, get off my half-pipe!"

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