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July 25, 2006


Dave K.

Now I'm all pissed off...The Rapture site doesn't take Paypal for it's store. Cheese Louise, wanted the Homeland Security Tee....bummer......This for all [2] of you who remember Wild Girls "Jesus Loves You" Tee...Dave K.


I don't understand RaptureReady's hangup with Benny Hinn. At least he had the courage to predict a specific date ( twice? ) for the End Times. I don't think you're ligitimately a Christian Rapturist unless you commit to a specific End Times date like Benny, Hal Lindsey and a bunch of other Elmer Gantry's have. Really, it's a right of passage. Fuck RaptureReady's hackneyed generalizations of war, bad weather, terrorisms as "signs". Put your faith on the line! For Christ sake, pick a DATE!

Crotch Wizard

In case of rapture, this car will remain unmanned! I belive we can all learn alot about this subject from that song by Blondie....

Eric B.

What gets me about the Rapture Letters site is that it's based on "dead man switch" technology -- someone (presumably the webmaster) must activate the "switch" on a regular basis to keep the emails from being sent prematurely. When he misses his time to activate the "switch" (because he's been taken away in the Rapture), then the emails go out.

Boy, I'd love to see the looks on the faces of the email recipients when the switch-keeper oversleeps, dies, has his ISP go down, or just generally misses his duty for all too human (non-Rapture-related) reasons. Oops!


does anyone know where I can find the "Christian Girls Gone Wild" video?

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