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July 17, 2006


Mickey Mephistopheles

Today's science lesson: See James and the O'Leary family exhibit brownian movement.

nine inch males

and i thought robert plant's solo stuff was putrid

Elliot Harmon

This is great! Pretty please post a torrent of the entire video?

Bobb R.

Let me tell ya, the "Rebel" and his family were for REAL! I once lived in York, Pennsylvania, for about six years, and worked with a local television station and also the commercial cable TV station operated by the cable television system there. I laughingly recall "James 'Rebel' O'Leary and the Rebelettes," as they often appeared in television coverage of area events. The word "putrid" does not begin to describe this family. Check out the various links on the 'net: those reviews and commentaries are right on the money. Tune-less white trash if there ever was such a thing, they were a living, breathing (and odiferous) cartoon. People who witnessed their unbelievably bad performances would stare in stymied disbelief, which the family genuinely misinterpreted as being rapt adulation! I kid you not!

These folks managed to appear at damn near every public function imaginable, from the annual York, PA Halloween Parade, to almost any public holiday celebration that had a place to plug in their un-tuned electric guitars. Not that they were hired to be there. I'd imagine most of their gigs were done "gratis" since I can't imagine any person even allowing them to perform for free, so bad were they. The O'Learys had a van, painted with their name and a poorly-rendered red/white/blue/stars/stripes color scheme, that could be spotted traversing all over the York County, PA area.

They were truly, truly, a "legend in their own mind." I recall that they made trips to the annual "Fanfest" event in Nashville, bringing back photos of themselves arm-in-arm with various legitimate country music stars. Fact was, many of their pictures were that of posing with lifesize cardboard cut-outs of the celebrities!

I don't mean to be cruel. I'm just sharing the facts. One internet-posted piece described them as "inbred," and I have little reason to believe that wasn't the case. I supposed they must have had a few people who may have thought they were legitimate, but only those of their ilk.


The Rebel O'leary used to be an icon in the York, PA area. Anyone from the Thomasville area known who he is! I used to own this rare video but I let someone borrow it and they never returned it! Unfortunately the Rebel has passed away a few years back. we will surely miss his fine entertainment! (If that's what you want to call it.

Faith ann O'Leary

life with my grandfather was awesome shame you missed the fun

Faith ann O'Leary

life with my grandfather was awesome shame you missed the fun

Marc P.

I once owned a copy of South Bound 81 on a 45 rpm record. I since have lost it. It was given to us by Mr. James REBEL O'Leary himself. If anyone has a download of this song, would you please let me know where I can get it. Thanks so much. "Rock On REBEL" we miss you.

Noam Sane

A very Shaggs-like bunch they were. I too was once a denizen of York, PA (forever enshrined by the band Live in their song "Shit Town") and caught James and his gals at just about every public function that featured music.

I loved them, but I'm like that.

Not sure what was going on back home, but that's none of my business. York is a weird place, and they fit right in. Good times, good times.


Wow.....I remember them too. They were awesome in a weird sort of way.

vicky oleary

that is my damn grandfather i dont see any of you on tv and at least they tried to make something of there lives unlike any of you people and yeah he was great unlike you he passed away grow up and leave them alone least i can tell my daughter that her grandpa was a great person unlike you people you prolly cant sing least they made it to the awareds unlike yous and my dad, uncles, aunts, and grandma was in the band if you have a problem you come to me and by the way they were invited to everything if they were so bad why did they get invited and they also got paid for it have you ever got paid for something like that no i prolly dont think so if you have a problem with them come to me at [email protected] or just get a life and grow up


I saw The Rebel in York County and I argue that he CAN sing and was probably more authentic than the glitzy Nashville acts he sang about. Just give a listen to A.P. Carter, the real grandfather of country music. By today's overproduced commercial standards, he may sound flat, but there's a real tradition in that style of singing. And the Rebelettes' guitar and pedal steel sound great together! Country music, and all music really, has it's roots in families and friends with improvised instruments, self-taught styles, and real jobs in the daytime. The O'Leary family is part of that tradition and I hope they pass it on. I feel lucky to have seen a little part of it, so right on Vicki!
The Rebel on Tapewrecks

Jake benson

Where can i see this rockumentary?

Pattie Crider

I used to see O'Leary family perform and we always had a great time. Very nice people.

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