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July 15, 2006


Kip W

All signing! All dancing!


So, I wonder where Cindy is these days? I was fortunate to be a KUHT Cameraman on this show. We shot segments at west beach in Galveston, leasing the KAMU production truck. I remember being so concerned at having those Ikegami HL 79-D cameras, 100K each, so close to the ocean and out in the heat and salt air. The Houston Zoo was another site, along with thing done in the old studio at 4513 Cullen Blvd. at KUHT.
Cindy was sweet, a pro, and wonderful to work with. All of the production values were state of the art for 81-82. I think Mim Korshack was the Executive Producer, Mark Schiable the Director, along with "the PBS Houston" Crew: Alice, David, Jeff, Carla, Lewis,
This item was produce by a young crew with great gear and leadership in the booming Houston of '81-'82.
In a way this was the first or at least one of the first "music televisions. -Lance

Jay Weaver

Are there any Signing With Cindy tapes or DVDs?
about 25 or so years I saw a series of Signing With Cindy programs on TV. I thought these were very interesting and I would like to get some tapes or videos.


Jay ([email protected])

Jimmy Hooker

Hello this is Jim so I never forget when I was 9 years old in 1973 in camping from Ithaca speech camp so by august 2nd so when I come home and my mom will show me and saw on tv name is signing with cindy so I never forget also I wanna to watch again on tv Signing with Cindy also do you have and dvd as cd so I will buy from Signing with Cindy .


Nice story Clinton... Hadnt seen anything abut this in years. My parents taught Cindy sign (at church) and our family was taped in home and at the zoo... If you have any more information on where I can get copies of the old shows, please let me know.
Thanks... and thanks for posting this...


Cindy is the media minister at Grace Crossing Church (formerly Spring Woodlands Church of Christ).


My elementary class was invited to sit in for a segment. That was the one and only time I have been on TV so it was very exciting. I too would love to get a copy.


I learned a lot from Cindy! I could never be as good as her, but to this day because of her I can sign Sunshine On My Shoulders to my partner who loves when I do it! I want to find that video of her signing that song!

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