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July 28, 2006


steve PMX

Squirrel Power! I love squirrels, esp. black squirrels. They're not too common around here (DC) but everytime I see one it's the coolest thing ever.

Dale Hazelton

Don't forget the ditty "Hey Shirley, This Is Squirrely", from the Radio Shack compilation of CBer tunes, downloadable as an MP3 with assorted other delights at the follwing:


dont forget our latest single "squirrel attack"

you should have a copy at the wfmu record library, go check.

squirrel attack lyrics:


white squirrel song

black squirrel song

Master Evil

Wittle Squirrels!

Dey is so cute, *bites lower lip* Luv da SQuirrels, have alot of them in New York.

One got into my deck. He was so big, he made a hole in the screen to eat our garbage. ^.^ So Cute!


another obvious one: "Squirrel Song" by the band Shellac. not a metaphor.

The Contrarian

Fuck squirrels. The dig up my plants in my garden, eat my flower bulbs, get into my attic and then tease me as they walk along by backyard fence, mocking me with their playful quickness and agility. Me+B.B. gun=dead squirrel carcasses.

Okay, so I woke up cranky today. I just wanted to remind your readers about the 1980s rock band Squirrel Bait, who, IIRC, never wrote any songs about the little rodents.

kim galibert

and don't forget this american life's 'squirrel cop' episode, one of the funniest ever.


Don't forget the Greasy Kid Stuff favorite, "Earl the Squirrel" by Kenny Young & The Eggplants!


Megan, I said I dislike squirrels, but I meant squirrels are evil. I may have to take Friday back, missy.


Fluffy and twitching
crawling with vermin
when a car comes
shall I go left, or right?
I don't know yet
I'm a squirrel.

Jeff R.

And lest we forget Dr. Demento


Squirrel Cop!

I have a patch from NPR from a pledge drive; it is a squirrel, on fire!!!

Sounds like a squirrel on fire would make some people here very happy, and you should totally go hear that episode.
You will pyp (piss your pants) laughing!

Listener Katya Oddio

Thanks for sharing all those squirrel songs, Megan! You have incited me to share some squirrely things, too!

01. Join the 1996 Tampa Bay hiphop dance craze with Lil' Amp - Do Da Squirrel [or the slow version] Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't. True dat.

02. theme for Dotty Squirrel of the Animaniacs

03. theme for Slappy the Squirrel of the Animaniacs [en Espagnol] [English lyrics]

04. Veruca wants a Squirrel, Daddy

05. Black Jacques - Squirrel in the House, excellent surf instrumental from the official Black Jacques site

06. Peter and Ellen Allard - Gray Squirrel, sometimes an excerpt says it all, just as with Merrilee Webb's - Hop Old Squirrel

07. Squirrels do it in the park, sing along y'all. This one and several other samples from Secret Squirrel, the tuntablist DJ, can be found here.

08. a poem recited honoring the Squirrel over at Poet Scoop

09. Steve Burns and Paul Ford - In The Park (Squirrel and Rat)

10. Lonbobby featuring Sadye - Skippy the Happy Squirrel Yo, watch your back with that squirrel! [01:42]

11. Todd Migchelbrink - The Squirrel Song, an Oregon grade school social studies teacher gives the Beatles a turn

12. Richard Reagh - Squirrel Man (Le Sport Remix) from his official site

13. Matthew Lien - Flying Squirrel Creek, Celtic folk stylings from his official site

14. The Great Luke Ski - I Kissed A Squirrel from Dementia Radio

15. Interview with Kim Long, author of SQUIRRELS, A WILDLIFE HANDBOOK, addressing squirrel-o-mania [05:54]

16. Firesign Theatre - Cat Squirrel skit [1970, 02:24] from official site

17. Jonathan Katz w/ H. Jon Benjamin - Squirrel In A Hat in Central Park

18. happy little excerpt from Jogeir Liljedahl - The Squirrel [more info]

19. The free game Squirrel Escape features sound by composer Bjorn Lynne

20. So Squirrel Bait never did a squirrel song? Did Squirrel Nut Zippers? What about Squirrel Pools? As another listener stated, Shellac did. Marcy Playground did a Secret Squirrel inspired tune.

21. Don't you just love that Wikipedia has a section for Fictional Squirrels?!

22. The great Mel Blanc and Paul Frees were the voices of the main characters of Hanna-Barbera's 1960s cartoon Secret Squirrel. You can watch a clip or see the intro or choose from other squirrel movies brought to you by Scary Squirrel World

23. Otis Fodder and I used to revert to silly eight year olds playing with our Secret Squirrel Decoders. Yay! It is available for download in several places on the web.

24. By the way, squirrels cannot contract rabies. Here's a squirrel to tell you all about it!

25. PERRI! Perri was Disney's finest true-life adventure documentary [1957] following the life of a little girl squirrel named Perri. Peri Gilpin, who played Roz Doyle on FRASIER, was named after her. The super marvelous Perri behind may have been, as well. Squirrel lovers must know this one, so I share the Perri theme with you.

Listener Katya Oddio

26. The Black Squirrels




Anyone heard asong about squirrels done to the Beastie Boys "Girls"?
Lines include, "We like to gather nuts/but people splatter our guts/ as they go for country drives/ it isn't easy to survive".
A Winnipeg radio station used to play it.


I like the songs they were awsome! I love squirrels i could be talking to someone and if I see a squirrel I yell out squirrel!


Squirrels bouncing on


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