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July 03, 2006


Taylor Franklin

thank you for the great music! I love this singer and his band. And it is so fitting that I downloaded the song "Roaches" becuase my girlfriend and I decided to move and break our lease becuase of those nasty creatures. The song is perfect.

Thanks for the amazing blog!


This was just some really cool stuff. Never heard this before. Loved it! Thanks so much for keeping music real.


These are great! The world *is* a cafeteria! Couldn't have said it better.


Yeah!! The Mask Man! Years ago a buddy of mine had this on vinyl and made me a tape of it. The tape was eaten by a boombox long ago and I've been keeping an eye out for this ever since. Thanks for posting it!
So many great songs, its hard to chooose which one I like best, Top contenders in my book are Roaches, Wigs, and The World is a Cafeteria.


Looking for music by Mask Man and the Agents. Specifically , Somebody's been sleeping. Please help

Ingemar Magnusson

At last. after so many years i've been looking for this album.
I'm soooo lucky to have found theese magnificent music.
Theee Great Greater Greatest artist I have heard.

Thank You sooo much!!!


In 1971 my sister and I were visiting these two boys in her class at one of their homes and they played the song "One Eye Open". I have spent the last several years tracking it down. I shared the lyrics with several friends and co-workers over the years. Thank you Mask Man and the Agents!

Arthur Bugg

I first heard "One Eye Open" back in the early 1970's when I was in college. It's stayed with me all this time. Since then I've known many men who met girls in a "down home church" and have had the same experiences.

ligeia toliver

my name is ligeia and i been trying to find this cd but i dont know were to get it could you please let me know how ican get a copy of this cd or tape i want the one eye open tape thanks because i relly love this cd


This is INCREDIBLE. I have been looking for this forever. When I was a kid, we bought this 45 when we were visiting family in New Orleans. To my 10 year old ears this was songwriting at its best. The B side was the real killer though. Can you post "Talkin' Bout The Boss And I" with the classic line "I'm lookin' for a job that starts at 12, have an hour for lunch and get off at 1" I stil use that one. Can we please hear that too?


Oh the song I was talking about was "ROACHES"


does anyone have a copy of "there's gonna be some changes made"?

Angela Folson

This is so wonderful to see. My father was a member of this group. Paul Williams is the one in the picture. My father died when I was five years old, and he was at the young age of 35 when he died. Just decided to see what google would produce when I typed in the groups name. So this is so wonderful to see and has brought tears to my eyes just to see a picture of my father...thank you so much for this..this is beautiful.

Ernie Berger

I was a young songwriter and producer (aged 18 to 21) when I worked with Lillian Claiborne who produced records with Harmon Bethea (Maskman and the Agents) in Washington, DC. I recall transcribing one of Harmon's songs as sheet music.

Does anyone know how I can reach Charles Barner, one of the producers and songwriters from DC Records and Achillean Records from the late 1960's?

Ernie Berger

Amanda King

I am so very happy with the person that allowed me to hear this group again. I have been looking for their music for many, many years. I remember back in the 1960's they made a song about a cat hitting a dog in the head with a brick, and liked ta wasted my man. I was hoping to find that song by The Masked Man and The Agents. Does anyon remember this song, I am talking about?

Thanks and kudos for keeping the oldies alive and kickin'.


'there's gonna be some changes', that ones a winner. i lighthearted paen to domestic violence. the judge says 'why you hit her with that chair?'. maskman says, "cause i couldnt pick up the fridgidaire!"

walter t snyder sr

could you please put the song "talkin bout the boss and i"with the mask man other list of songs in this website i been looking for that song for almost 13 years.

thank you

Debbie D

walter snyder

iam asking you again could you please post (talkin bout the boss and i) with the line (im looking for a job )to mask man and the agents songs one eye open,roches and others ....please....

thank again

Bill Barner

Harmon Bethea died December 18, 2009, according to an obituary in the Washington Post (1/10/2010, page C6.

Debbie D

Oh No! Thanks for the info, Bill.

R.J. Crisafulli

Talk about buckle shinin' music. Damn! I long for those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Lawrence Wise (a.k.a. OSMOSIS)

You know what makes this doubly sad for me, was that I "Discovered" Mr. Harmon Bethea-Mask Man & The Agents from that POST Obit (which I'm gonna SCAN and keep in DIGITAL!). Now, as a 6 year old-goin'-on 7 year old spud in '70, I remember hearing ROACHES on the radio (WOL-1450, back when it was THE station!!), but not knowing WHO these wild guys were----
or the fact that they were from DC. As a kid, born and raised and still livin' in 'Da Capitol', it makes me feel good that we had Funk like that being made right here from locals. Long before Chuck Brown (also a contemporary of Mask Man) became the hipsters pride-n-joy. This is a legacy that should be preserved, and Debbie D, I thank you for keeping true music alive with your blog and station.
Long Live The Funk (and the eternal Mask Man & The Agents).


could you please add to this list the Mask Man's song "There's gonna be some changes around here". thank you.


Debbie D

LT, I added it over here on part 2!

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