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July 26, 2006



OK, you redeemed yourself on your last post by-

A- Talking about Infest.
B- Mentioning Slap-A-Ham
C- Not pretending the shit was no longer going down. (please note use of ironic Ebonic grammar(it looks so wrong but it feels so right)).

Minor Infractions.

A- MP3, Hello?
B- Not mentioning Spazz.
C- Not mentioning Shank.

tony rettman

The linkage to the labels' website has MP3's there. Dig it chief...

...And I just recieved an e-mail from a member of Mind Eraser telling me they are in fact totally drug-free, which confuses me even more about their demented brutality.

Spazz were OK...but they were no No Comment...

Michael B.

What about Mind Eraser from NJ? They were local legends when I was in high school in the early 90's. They used to play Connections and Obsessions. Some members were from Morristown and went on to form SHAT.

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