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July 24, 2006



In fairness to the Feds, it was the Smithsonian big whigs who sold that right of first refusal to Showtime. And Congress is Very Pissed Off about it:


oh..lord. i just got a nasty cold yesterday and i've been slugging nyquil down like it's soda all day. i thought my cold had just gotten so bad overnight that nyquil just couldn't handle all my soreness and misery. but there it s on the label. no. fucking. pseudophederine!!! it seems like they could have made a more reasonable law to combat the spread of meth in the patriot act, just off he top of my head maybe limit the amount of bottles of nyquil one person can buy instead of making it completely ineffective. if somebody with a meth lab has got to go to a mllion different drug stores to collect 2 bottles of nyquil from each, that seems like it'd be effective.
this really cheeses me off. i don't even have a health plan anymore, so i can't harass my doctor to give me some prescription cold aids without spending a ton of money. and the popularity of meth is just an enigma to me! other than being cheap, it's got nothing going for it. people would probably end up in better health if they decided to become heroin addicts. uggggh patriot act. uggggh ignorant hicks loving meth.

Krys O.

In my town at the local CVS, they had a procedure for recording purchases of cold meds with pseudoephedrine. You had to show a picure ID to the clerk who then logged your name, address and telephone number into a book. The amount of the nefarious compound that you purchased was printed out on the receipt as well. The poorly trained clerk eyed you as if you were guilty of being the head of a Colombian drug cartel when all you wanted was relief from nasal stuffiness. Aieeee. Suffice it to say that I don't purchase Nyquil at CVS any longer.

BTW-That's one cool Zappa penny.


Ha! We were in DC around the same time (got to see the last 2 performances of the entirely-robot-performed Ballet Mechanique excerpt, which was one of the truly great experiences of my life) and if you were there anywhere near the same time we were there, then one big reason why the Dada exhibit wasn't cram-packed might've been that every-fucking-body was across the street at the "old" Nat'l Gallery building, lined up down the hall & around the block for the big Cezanne show. Still didn't cost $20, though, so that's something . . .


I'm almost positive that TV show you referred to was an episode of PBS's "Frontline":


So what do you get when you buy a bottle of Sudafed nowawdays, placebos?

Krys O.

Q: So what do you get when you buy a bottle of Sudafed nowawdays, placebos?

A: Paranoid.


Yes thank god for that brilliant piece of legislation being passed. Now all the meth cooks will just get their ephedrine directly from Mexican druglords. Or better yet - our country will become flooded with tons of new high-potency Ice from huge commercial meth labs operating in Mexico.

Oh wait - that's already happening. Apparently Atlanta has been consumed with this Mexican ice crap over the past couple years, and something like 85% of their prison population is in there due to meth-related crime. And alot of the drug dealers who used to sell crack, now offer crystal meth in the hood. Not a good scene!



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