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July 03, 2006


Goyim in the AM

The giggling monk seems to have worked with Reverend Alecia's video director.


credits on this actually go to an old friend of mine (name removed to protect the innocent) whom reverend alecia contacted to do some computer work--special effects? web site? for...he still lives in fear that she's going to be angry at him for sharing her videos. He never did the work. You don't want to make reverend alecia angry!

then again they WERE shown on manhattan public access originally....

Michael McGinnis

Liz -

Do you have any contact information on Rev. Alecia.

I work for a tv show for BET and we are interested in licensing this footage.

Please contact me at 323.785.2108 or email

Thanks so much

Michael McGinnis
Black Box Productions
Hollywood Production Center

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