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August 22, 2006


Taro, in Tokyo

10000 - WWV (Ft. Collins, CO) the OFFICIAL time station: I was an intern there---Many of the guys who worked there would answer the question, "What is your job?" with the loud, snarky answer, "I AM A WHORElogist."

Taro, ex-WHORElogist at
(horologist: a scientist who works with and studies timekeeping devices and instrumentation.)

Emmett Allen

Did you see the headline : Clear Channel Communications to run WWV time stations?


Further information from 9600 kHz fragment: is not political information, but sports by Rodolfo Durán. A world record of a Jamaican athlete -9'77 seconds at the 100 meters in Golden League's fourth meeting. The Panama baseball national team is the first one that arrives Cuba to play Pre-Olympical of the Americas. The name of the radio station, that is said at the beginning of the fragment, is not clear. I think is some kind of Cuban broadcasting.

The Professor

Thanks Avenger. I hear the names of countries, and I think it's politics, but international sports? That makes sense. Too bad you didn't catch the ID.

And Clear Channel taking over WWV? Hmmm. Interesting. I wonder if we'll soon hear some advertising there too. Maybe a different sponsor for every minute...

Cathy F.

Since it seems WWV will be taken over by Clear Channel, here are my TOP TEN WWV Promotional Ideas:

10. Buy the rights to "bee-doop" from old Mutual network.

9. New Station ID "WWV, fort collins-DENVER!"

8. New Slogan "Give us 22 minutes--we'll give YOU 22 minutes!"

7. Hire "Perfect Paul" away from NWS to do side-splitting morning show.

6. Have music director expand playlist to include "Theme from 60 Minutes".

5. Do station promo poking fun at Canadians on CHU.

4. Drive time slogan "Propagation and Solar Weather Together on the 15's".

3. LIVE Solar Flare Remote from surface of the Sun!

2. Hire low paid female sidekick for announcer who laughs hysterically every time he gives the time.

.... And the #1 Promotional Idea for WWV

1. "9th Caller wins an Atomic Clock!".


9345 - KOL Israel

An announcer speaking Hebrew, then some jaunty bumper music. **DAVID BOWIE (sound + vision)** Doesn’t sound like news programming. And then... The Beatles!"

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