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August 10, 2006



did anyone ever find out why they called that comp 'we're all normal" (which is a bonzos thang, and NOTHING to do with arthur or love)?


Check out the lyrics to Love's "The Red Telephone" from Forever Changes:


CX said everything I wanted to say, and better.

Dale Hazelton

Did Arthur Lee produce and arrange "Forever Changes"? It's brilliant, both sparse and lush at once, and a time capsule that's incredibly contemporary. The strings, horns and that sort of Mariachi guitar on Alone Again Or almost sound like Ennio Morricone helped out in the studio. Lyrics are pretty inciteful too. "The news of today will be the movies of tomorrow....." Couldn't have gotten that any more right. It's sad that geniuses of that era live in obscurity and need fundraisers to help out with bills, but Britney, Christina, Ashley etc. have more money than they'd ever need...

Holland Oats

Thanks for this -- and I was at that Keep Refridgerated show!

Holland Oats

'we're all normal and we want our freedom' is a line spoken at the end of one of there songs...

Holland Oats telephone


Sure will miss this guy... BADLY

Listener Howard

Re: "We're All Normal...": Arthur was referencing Peter Weiss' "Marat / Sade". I don't remember if the Bonzos were making a similar reference, or if their's was just a coincidence of phrase.


thanks for the steer-straight on 'normal.' oddly, i have most of the love lps, and marat/sade is one of my favorite movies/plays, but i never twigged. i guess i was too imprinted by high school nights spent riding around, blasting the bonzos and screaming that phrase at people.


Thanks for this recollection. Your experience is rightly to be treasured.


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harvey the roadie

Roadied for Arthur and Love in 1974 UK tour. Cut sets regularly, in half once really annoying audience and making support band (Casablanca)go on again. However standing at side stage at Rainbow London (I made a tape of this at Arthurs request and it has been unofficially released so I have been told) and other gigs the guys power was amazing even though he was out of his head most of the tour

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