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August 13, 2006


Taro, in Tokyo

I looove your wacky YouTube video “Chin chin chu”.
You might be amused to learn that the lyrical hook of this Bollywood song “Chin chin chu, baba'----in Japanese could mean ‘Penis kiss, granny’ [[ちんちん ちゅう 婆 ]], hee, hee.

b-more tom

awesome post. one correction. in the "duniya mein" vid is mumtaz, an equally irresistable movie babe from the same era, not helen. but yeah, helen is rad, i'm a big fan. i know the song, but i've never seen "chinchinchoo."

listener colin in Toronto

had I known your interest, I would have taken you to "Little India" when you here in Toronto for the Film Fest! Nice to see your posts on the ole 'FMU blog!

Carl Howard

Helen is PRECISELY how to live at all! times!
Do not ever let anyone catch you NOT! BEING! HELEN!

Resident Clinton

Thanks b-more tom, for correcting me about the incorrect clip. It's hard to tell on those fuzzy flash videos sometimes. I fixed the information above - and now I totally need to find out more about Mumtaz!

Listener #111821

These are all amazing. However I had a jaw-dropping moment when I realized that I had not only heard "Duniya Mein Logon Ka" before, but it was a favorite song of mine -- by the Sun City Girls. Didn't realize it was a cover. It's on their triple LP '330,003 Cross Dressers from Beyond the Rig Veda', under the title of the movie - Apna Desh. VERY faithful version.


Great post, lots of links to enjoy. So much fun!!!!

There is another great Bollywood film called "An Evening in Paris" that features the voice of Asha Bhosle, as evidenced in this You Tube video, "Zubee, Zubee."

Alas, there is also an AWESOME scene from the same movie featuring the lead actor and a posse of his friends singing whilst performing tricks on vintage Vespas (or probably Bajajs, since they're in India). Unfortunately, no one has posted that video to You Tube, but I would be eternally grateful if someone would.


Here is Helen doing her thing with ersatz Monkees and a fezzed-up army of conga players.


I love that clip, too. More than the dance it's really the conga players that sell me on that one - and the song is pretty amazing. But Helen, what's with the white tights? Let's see some leg!


Mumtaz is actually a good girl in Apna Desh, that scene (and another great number where she's 'seducing' one of those guys) are for a scam set up to entrap corrupt Brahmins!

Here's Helen's item number from 70s giga-hit Sholay:

My other favorite Helen numbers that I've seen are Mera kya sanam from Talash and O haseena Zulfonwali from Tessri Manzil. But Piya Tu Ab To Aaja can't be beat!

Check out the original Mere Jeevan Saathi ( to see Helen keep Rajesh Khanna captive, then hunt him with a revolver because he won't transfer his affections!


Here's another clip from Gumnaam:

@Carl Howard: You are more than right! Helen rules!


I just found good collection of bollywood music at

David Novak

Howdy Helen Fans:

Check out the fantastic new (2006) book by Jerry Pinto, called 'Helen: Life and Times of an H-Bomb" on Penguin. I can't sing its praises loudly enough - it's one of most thoughtful books I've ever read on Bollywood, not to mention on the topics of S. Asian identity and performance and media.


All the music from the Bollywood movie you have is excellent I just hear it in youtube.

Luna Minsky

Helen really *does* look exotic- whether it's the ancestry or the makeup, but she's got a cat-eyed look to her, which is kind of mesmorising.


Helen was amazing at that time Thanks for sharing the wonderful and nice collection of songs based on helen.
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Here's another clip from Gumnaam:

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