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August 10, 2006


Dave the Spazz

That last image is Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey
...what exactly is his mutation?


You caught me, I totally cheated. How could I resist a monkey cowboy riding a dog? He's wearing chaps for god's sake! One could argue that Whiplash is far too awesome to be filed under "normal."

Dave the Spazz

There is no resisting a monkey cowboy wearing chaps riding a dog and that's a fact! He's really good at what he does. Some real monkey talent there.


oh man where can i get some of those glow in the dark mushrooms?


I think that lobster was just boiled on one side of it's body, not mutated.


Brilliant! Reminds me of the Rogue Taxidermy item that Dorian had on here show! See the Speakeasy blog.. And do check out the links that are listed there!


I was expecting at least one Giada Delaurentis pic.


That lobster was actually found like that. Sometimes they have part of their body 'red' but this one was remarkable because it was split equally down the centre.

steve PMX

Whats not to love?!?! You've gotta make this a regular column on Beware of the Blog.

steve PMX

p.s. I think I see Jesus in that bloated tomato.


Well, the fish with the "human teeth" isn't a mutant and doesn't have *nearly* the appeal of a broncomonkey. ;P

See the article on it (, and in the comments it's recognized as a fish called a pacu, which naturally has this kind of teeth. Weird looking, but not mutant.

That bird, though... props to that bird.

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