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August 17, 2006



Is that for real? I mean her having Trout Mask Replica, not her nose, boobs or epidermis.
I guess it's one of those albums that is sort of obligitory to show in a MySpace profile or whatever. kinda like how guys that want to seem with it will namecheck Ayn Rand or Kafka.
But I can't imagine Paris getting more than a few bars into Frown Land before ripping it out of her CD player and throwing it out of her window at some homeless person.

fatty jubbo

that ugly face of hers sorta resembles the fish head on the cover.


Impugn as you will, but you can't fault her film work.


That ugly fish-face comment is dead on. Is this a separated at birth sort of photo, rather than music she enjoys?

Krys O.


Carl Howard

She has boobs? Are you sure?
This addle-brained filthy little snot, who stands to benefit from the ravaging of significant tax law at the expense of the American people, looks about as comfortable with the exalted "Trout Mask Replica" as the filthy traitor George W. Bush does with his alleged copy of "The Stranger" by Albert Camus.
For the rest of the world, that's pronounced "Al-berr Ca-moo," but for our near autistic thug of a Unitary Executive, that'll be "Al-burt Cay-muss."

le beauf


you are right about the mute consonants and the end of the author's names, but dead wrong about the French pronunciation of the vowel "u". It is much more acute than "oo". Well, I can't think of any equivalent in English (maybe close to the "u" of "pure", albeit less influenced by the preceding and succeding letters?) but it is fairly the same as the German "ü".

Yes; I'm diction nazi, I confess.

c'est de bonne guerre...


She make things fly 'n she makes things roll
She got me way over here 'n I'm hungry 'n cold
I remember m' mother told me I oughta be choosey
That was way back when I thought she ma m' friend
Now I find out she's uh floosey

I remember the butterflies 'n the sweet smell uh' corn
'n the bubblin' fish in that lil' pond
Oooh! Lousey!
How I long for you she's too much for my mirror
That little floosey oh how I fear her
Oooh! Lousey

steve PMX

wtf is she wearing?

steve PMX

Qu'est que ce passe à son chemise? Elle ressemble à un poisson et Nicole Richie ressemble à un raccoon.

South Park best illustrated Paris Hilton in the timeless "Paris Hilton Whore-Off" episode. "She's got a big nose" / "She's all squishy down there"

I've always thought she kinda looks a horse w/ blonde hair and makeup.

Brian Turner

Well, feel free to invite yourself onto the guestlist to her record release party if you're in Atlantic City. Yell for Abba Zabba.

Holland Oats

bimbo, limbo, spam

Listener Jeff

Altered Paris Hilton CDs found in the
Here's the link:


Why all the dissin' Ms. Hilton? Think a second, she probably parties with folks like say Johhny Depp. Depp had a band, P, w/ Gibby from the Buttholes. She hangs with a wealthy, educated set. I bet one of her druggin' freak guy pals probably did play it while she was hangin' out. ...And then she probably did exclaim, "God, what is this crap?"
Cool pic though! It's my screensaver now and I like her all the more for it.


P.S. I admit, she is a no-talent, done-nuthin' celebrity who nobody in their right mind could actually give a shit about. Blame the media.

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