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August 01, 2006



Ben Mandelson, who is a close personal friend of Hijaz Mustapha of 3 Mustaphas 3 and is also one of the people behind Globestyle Records, has been quoted on the topic of the field recordings he's made for Globestyle as saying "The first thing we do when we arrive in any location is to ask 'where is the accordion player?'"

No wonder Globestyle is one of my all time favorite record labels....

Janey Yonkers

I went to this and it was great, even the dance parts and I don't usually like watching folk dance things. Yasser Darwish did two amazing dances, one with two long canes that was almost like watching a martial arts practice and one that was like a whirling dirvish wearing a costume from a Broadway musical. The traditional Palestinian dance troupe Al Nujoom were kind of like Irish stepdancers only smiling, and sober. Apparently they mostly only dance at weddings in Paterson, NJ, so I felt lucky to get the chance to see them at Untermyer.

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