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August 07, 2006


H. Wren

Finally! I've been looking for a copy of "I'm So Wet" ever since I lost the tape you made for me eons ago. And so many more here...

Brad Bechtel

The track "Stanley the Manly Transvestite" is by Rodney Bingenheimer, not Rodney Dangerfield. Completely different person.

Dale Hazelton

As a gay acquaintance always said, "FAAAABBulous!"

Does FMU have any party records to post by filthy-mouthed ladies of the era -- Belle Barth, Rusty Warren (Knocker's Up), Pearl Williams etc?


Yes, in fact, Queen Mo did a fantastic Pearl Williams post right here, almost exactly 1 year ago today.


FYI, the "I'm So Wet" link isnt working for me. Probably b/c you put an apostrophe in the link. If you could fix that, it would be delightful.


Oh hey, and in a similar vein, check this post from April Ought 5.

Albgardis Ungvarsky

Unfortunately the tracks with apostrophes won't open (Lil Liza Mike and Im so wet). Can someone please fix that? It is really a pity to have the LP uncomplete for such a stupid reason. Thanks.

Albgardis Ungvarsky

oh well, same about the Singles mp3s: those with an apostrophe in the title won't open to me. Could that be fixed?
Oh, and thanks really very much for the automatic pictures showing up in the playlist. I have no idea how that works, but I love it!!

Station Manager Ken

I just fixed all the broken links. Sorry about that.


Henry Lowengard

And if you straight people didn't get past the first MP3 link, that "bawdy buxom beauty" was Terri "Cup Cake" O'Mason. For a little more, try, and scroll down to the July 14th entry.


Thanks, Henry. I added that info to the post. I noticed that it was you who originally put "Cup Cakes" up on 365, for which I thank you. It lead me to snatch up the album when I found it used a few months later. In fact, that is still my favorite on that album. I didn't post it, though, just because it is already out there.


Ken = Delightful.


Also check out a prolific comic in this genre (but on his own label) named Rae Bourbon. Same kinda stuff.

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