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August 28, 2006


Ray Beckerman

If it was just a matter of "cease and desist letters" it wouldn't be so bad. That is the norm for copyright lawyers, but these characters don't act normally. In addition to 'ceasing and desisting' -- which most of the RIAA's victims are more than glad to do -- the RIAA's attack dogs insist on payments of $3750 and up. And if you don't pay up, they sue. And if you're innocent, they don't care, they will continue the lawsuit, take depositions of your entire family, and if that doesn't turn up a file sharer, then they want to conduct pretrial discovery into the identities and backgrounds of the neighbors' kids.

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Listener Paul

If I were an astronomy professor, I'd be pretty ticked that some dude (who probably doesn't have a PhD, even in some lame-ass discipline like political science) was using my name to record crappy and then deceiving the youth of America who are probably thinking when they buy a CD from the non-PhD Usher that they'll get some real insights into the secrets of the universe.


I bet Edgar is pretty mad too. The Gutenberg project has an interesting 'a capella' number available.

Steve PMX

It is kinda, but its more scary to me than anything else. The RIAA and its cohorts (including the FCC) wield an unnatural amount of power, money and influence within the legislative branches of our government. Fortunately for us, they won't admit that it's a technical impossibility to control individuals' ability to copy or reproduce copyrighted material. Unless they enact legislation which would allow law enforcement to enter every single home and replace their computer with some new Orwellian computer that won't let you copy/record/duplicate media - then we're always going to have the means. If you can hear something, it can be recorded. If you can see something, it can be recorded. If you record something, then you can duplicate it or edit it and distribute it. I'm guessing all these rediculous fines and lawsuits are intended to SCARE us out of doing it ourselves. But its apparently not working.


I'm a guitar teacher, and I post Guitar Chords and Tabs on my site. I believe that the more accessable music is to people, the more involved they will be in music generally--which means they'll buy more albums and go to more concerts, which is where the real money's at--not in selling tabs.



Maybe have a look at tabforge - it's a free online guitar bass & drum tab archive could be really useful to find the tablature you need ;)

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