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August 14, 2006


Holland Oats

Zinebyte: Didja ever notice how many backs of magazine covers in movies feature an ad for a product called 'Viscount'? I'm just sayin'.


so.... does WFMU own YouTube now? lately, every link on the blog seems to come from there. not everyone, including some of the dj's, has a computer that can run YT. we're not ALL tv writers.... grrrrrrr
some of the poor folk even have paid up mouse pledges....


You can pick up a computer for less than 200 bucks that can run youtube. I just bought a used eMac for $225. Believe me, if I can afford it most people can. I am curious though if people are familiar with the bloodcurdling scream used over and over in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. We used to call it the "Tom and Jerry scream" and do imitations of it, until we got older and discovered, uh, Dungeons and Dragons.

Brian Turner

I have a crappy comp and dialup at home (at least for two more days) that runs You Tube fine. And please keep in mind that most of these vids we showcase also have download ability, this particular post did not.

Howard Dean

Hey, that's MY scream.

Dale Hazelton

When you know the source is the same, that particular scream seems pretty silly. My main comment? SOMEONE NEEDS TO REMAKE "THEM"! It's one of the better movies of that nuclear scare era. Better than the one with the giant gila monster, on par with "The Amazing Colossal Man". Just don't let Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg near it....

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