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August 06, 2006


How about taking a look @ Zappa's private life anno 1971?
Dutch documentary maker end TV Pioneer Roelof Kiers did it with this wonderful documentary.
(Find it under the "video" header on the left side of the page and then find the "opslaan" button in the pop up window)


Heysoos, Sounds like Zappa!!! As a kid I remember seeing The Mothers on The Steve Allen Show doing "Hungry Freaks Daddy" complete with fingers strumming the Adams Apple.
Wow, what a great timepiece.
Thanks, DaveK

Holland Oats

Oh wait... I still don't like this guy.

Krys O.

And he never liked you. Sniff.


blog schmog, you people are blank. all of you. blank, i say! go have kids or somethin.

Bat Guano

I love Frank Zappa, but I never cared for the bicycle.


This was very impressive. A little known fact is that Frank actually progressed remarkably. That's right! He went on to play the car on The Monkees TV show:

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