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September 22, 2006



ESG was fantastic at the Hook last Friday night. Yep, Marie drives a NYC bus and two of the current band are the teen daughters of 2 of the original members [Valerie, Renee and Marie who were teens in the 80's, remain in the band]. Punk funk lives.

mike lupica

Here are some pix from ESG's 2002 WFMU benefit at Southpaw (Brooklyn), courtesy of Listener Justina's great photo site:


Whoa, I want to ride on the bus that particular Scroggins sister drives!


Adriaen Van der Donck is one the most ignored characters in the Dutch plan to bring an elightened society to the new world.


Where do you find out about ESG shows? (when you live in seattle?) I saw them at the 2002 WFMU benefit and would love to check them out again... Anyone know if they ever tour or plan on it?


long time listener and supporter and first time blogger


this is WFMU material

plus I put together a comp dedicated to DEREK BAILEY
most are free downloads

Main page:

everytime I send this sation something it feels like sticking a toothpick inside of a volcano

e-mail me at

carol a van vlack

I get really excited as I see more and more people learn about these KHDs, (Korean Historical Dramas) I think they are just amazing in that they teach all of the important lessons in life. IYSS was great because it really showed the people and politics and principles of other nations is no different than our own. Emporer of the Sea was also
great, Dae Jang Geum was awesome. I really hope more and more people will take notice of these shows, watch them patiently to learn to relate to the actors as people and not think them "cheesy".
I think there is much to learn from them, and they really are great entertainment. My yound son and older daughter love them too. Check out the others if you can as well.


Does anyone read this thing
The Avant Garde of Sussex County ?Label?
is an unorganized structured and unstructured art/anti music label in North West NJ. We aren't bent about being a musician artist or anything equally as stupid.


I am watching the 33 episode version of the IYSS story. I agree with Carol and others that the series is wonderful. But 100 original episodes? Does anyone have a clue if the original shows will ever be available?

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