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September 12, 2006



hi. my fave am station of all time is in poughkeepsie. 950 am . [call letters?] . they have a rare garage/psychedelic show weekdays at 6 to 9. amazing obscure stuff. they have DJs with real old ''air check'' personalities, i.e. 'pirate joe and his r&b extrahvahgahnzaaaaaah!!!!!' they call themselves the 'home of the scratchy 78' at night it's mostly classical, but daytime......WOW!!! unfortunately you can only tune in if you are in poughkeepsie,ny, veeeeery weak signal. but fantastic. i recommend drivin up one morning to dig their scene. i wish they were on line. i think that their stuff deserves an aircheck. thanks to you all at wfmu. i tell every one you guys are the greatest ever!!

Steve PMX

You should record some of these shows if possible on the Poughkeepsie AM station. Sounds interesting...

The Professor

The station you hear in Poughkeepsie is WHVW, which I've written about a couple times at BOTB. And you are right on both counts-- it's a great station, and that you can't pick it up very well once you get out of the Hyde Park/Poughkeepsie area. I've also posted airchecks of WHVW in those posts, which you can also download with this link, this link, and this one. Oh, and here's one more too.

I try to record some of WHVW when I'm up that way, and have a few more airchecks around here. If there's interest, I may upload a few more.


Fascinating! I love DXing, but I tend towards FM DXing rather than AM, and I haven't done any real DXing in a very long time. In the summer of '95 or '96, when I was stuck in my original hometown of Salisbury MD and jonesing for some WFMU, I actually managed to pick up WFMU briefly from a car radio down there sometime between 2 and 3 a.m.! Wow! Maryann C. was on the air. (Fortunately, a local station on an adjacent frequency, WESM, had gone off the air for the night.) I also heard a bunch of other NYC-area stations including WFDU and WKCR, because of course these FM DX "openings" usually bounce a bunch of signals in from the same area. As the night wore on, the opening moved south and brought me signals from Philly and southern New Jersey instead of NYC, so it became much less interesting.

When I was younger, I was always desperately trying to pick up WHFS from Annapolis; it only came in at certain times. But as more and more local FM stations came on the air, and more of them stayed on 24 hours a day, it became harder and harder to do any FM DXing. Too many 3,000-watters everywhere. I've read complaints by radio geeks that there are way too many little AM stations operating at night nowadays too.



The commercials on 650 WSM are for businesses in Gallatin, TN. Gallatin is 30 minutes north east of Nashville and was recently hit by an F3 tornado in April.


This would have been a great post had it not been for the foul language. You make some great points. Clean it up a little, will ya.

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