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September 26, 2006


James W.

Professor, take heart, I look forward to reading each and every installment of your radio blog. I love your AM broadcast and SW bandscans, and appreciate your comprehensive insight into the radio industry. Your blog is a labor of love which conveys the delight and exasperation you take in the medium to even the most casual of your readers.

I am certain that our politics are not the same, but we are within hailing distance of each other, and I suspect that we share many fundamental values. Thank you for naming names, the good, the bad, the ugly, and, it needs to be repeated, the insane. This administration is frightening. More frightening still is a MSM which can't be bothered to ask questions, and a Democratic party which is an opposition party in name only. So thank you for linking to independent voices and skeptics across the spectrum.

I notice in the photo accompanying this week's blog another radio sitting next to your Degen 1103. I don't recognize this model. It looks analog though. I love reading about your experiences with the Degen/Kaito 1103. When I have saved up enough box tops I intend to get myself one. Meanwhile I'll have to make do with your bandscans. I love the way the buttons and the dial light up in the dark. I wish my Sangean DT-200V (a handheld digital portable which I use in bed to scan the AM dial before I fall asleep) were backlit, but it is not. By the way, this is a terrific little radio on AM. I have managed to hear solid I.D.'s for stations as far afield as Winnipeg, San Antonio, and Orlando from WNY.

Also, thank you for turning me onto the joys of Lionel, and the supremely enjoyable weirdness of WBCQ on SW. There are so many treasures on WBCQ. I have also recently discovered our local low powered FM broadcaster, WRFA-LP. They provide our community with a wide variety of programming unavailable even on the local NPR affiliates. Do you not detect a certain sameness to public radio broadcasting from market to market? Even our public classical station is taking on some of the characteristics of mindless morning drive commercial radio, i.e., they talk to damn much.

I do listen to Rollye James periodically. She is her own woman. I used to listen to Phil Hendrie. The great fun there was realizing that you knew what an extraordinary fabulist and provocateur he was, but that his callers did not. Is it true that Mr. Hendrie has gone on to work in TV?

Like you I cannot stomach the neoconservative rightwingers. The guy that realy gets my goat is Glenn Goebbels, er, Glenn Beck pushing for war against Iran every damned day. What does it mean that there is a radio and TV network behind this lunatic pushing this bilge on the public airwaves? Are we all doomed?

Gotta run, keep up the excellent work! I'll be reading you.

Dale Hazelton

LOVE THE SERIES! I try not to comment on the political aspect of the blog, because I just don't feel that informed on many of the subjects. I always get set up with my Radio Shack - GE Superadio knockoff, a Terk loop antenna and a lazy susan for an evening of bandscanning, but sleep usually wins out.... a pot of coffee should be added to that list of equipment.

Curious Professor, if you have any interest in FM or UHF (televsion) skip. The few times I've experienced it has thrilled me, but that bit of serendipity seems next to impossible to capture. I also wonder, Prof, if you could possibly do a daytime scan of shortwave. The band above 9000 is very lively during the day. As I said in a previous post, "Sounds Like Canada" ( is a favorite program of mine, and an easy catch throughout the Northeast.

I think alot of people consider radio DXing to for Unibomber-style loners and only happens after dark. People need to realize that AM, shortwave, etc has a lot to offer as a cheap, additional venue of information and entertainment.


Here every time Professor!

The Hack

Hey, Prof - trying to reach Bob Lassiter for a possible story about him. If you can help, I'm at (352) 628-5558. Jim.

Dan Willems

The alternative to "Kentuckiana" is of course, "Indyucky".

Dan in Louisville, KY

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