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September 05, 2006


Neal Boortz

NOBODY listens to Air America because it sucks.Only a tiny subset of NOBODY ever listened to Mike Malloy(including his few stints on real talk radio in ATL).

For AA to have succeeded-no chance now-the focus should have been on making entertaining radio FIRST and just using the lefty stuff as a backdrop.How do you think Right Wing Radio prospers?


Q: How do you think Right Wing Radio prospers?
A: Insipid pundits addressing an even more vacuous audience

Kim Scarborough

Is it possible that some conservative bloggers have genuinely thought through issues and came to conclusions that you disagree with? Or are they all "stooges" and "trained... doggies"?

Just wondering.

Spaceman One

A question to The Professor. Did Air America ever pay back the $800,000 loan from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club?


mallory is nutty

Rush Limabugh

There was no $800,000 loan from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club to Air America.

The great irony is that this bogus story was debunked by a New York conservative writer, Mike Mazur.

The Professor

No, anyone genuinely thinks through issues and comes to conclusions, whether I agree or disagree with those conclusions, would not be a stooge. If you can find an instance where Maloney actually seems to think for himself and come to conclusions differing from the Republican talking points, I'd be curious to take a look at it.

You would think that if "conservative" media people were really interested in ideas they would welcome counter points and public debate from an entity like Air America, instead of predicting its downfall from the beginning, and working day and night to make a sensational stories out of over every alleged misstep and problem the struggling new network may (or may not) be experiencing . I believe this is called "yellow journalism."

And yeah, that Mallory is some nut...

Kim Scarborough

Much like how the left welcomes counter-points and public debate from Limbaugh and Fox News, no doubt.


i'm an XM listener in a city with nothing that comes close to resembling a decent radio station (jacksonville, fl.) i listen to air america for the same reasons that i root for the cleveland browns (and for mike malloy.) when i heard about malloy's firing i decided that the network is dead to me. here's a novel concept: perhaps the reason that air america sucks is because it aspires to be a corporate, suit-dominated shithole on the dial and fails only in that liberals would rather get pissed at Rush or Hannity than listen to their arguments reduced to shrill talkingpoints nonsense. this is a different age, and as far as i'm concerned the most you can hope for from commercial television or radio are a few shining moments of goodness, most of which happen by accident and are quickly "corrected" like malloy's show. as for my XM radio i guess i'm holding out hope that one of the corporate asshats over at XM comes to the realization that WFMU would probably be their most popular channel if they added it. I know Ken's talked to them once or twice, what's the deal?

Vic Perry

I know it's none of my business to tell WFMU bloggers what to deal with but....

It would be great if somebody on this blog were as interested in tracking and flogging and even occasionally praising NPR as you are writing about Air America.

The real story of the century so far mediawise for liberals or progressives has been the rightward lurch of the supposedly "liberal" or at least supposedly "unbiased" NPR.

A lot of places in the country NPR is the only news on the radio....and rather than an audience that already knows what it wants to hear politically, it has an audience that wants to feel like it is informed....that means that whatever its numbers, the audience is comparatively diverse.

So it was pretty bad news for the nation when NPR was a-cheerleadin' the Iraq War as surely as all the corporate media....those were dark days and the organization has far from recovered, much less admitted that it played a part.

Smooth Johnny S

It says something when the only time I can listen to the Al Franken or Randi Rhodes shows is when they have a guest host! Franken just sucks. He talks over his guests, tells the SAME GODDAMNED STORIES over and over about "his good friend" Sen. Paul Wellstone and worst of all, he is not funny. When he gets teary and emotional (which is at least once in every show) I just want to strangle him.

On the plus side, I think Sam Seder is much better without Garofalo and his show is actually kinda funny. Rachel Maddow and her staff keep it fresh and interesting.

Also, I know I'm a dick for saying this, but Air America gives a chunk of its Saturday slot to a guy who, let's face it, has a speech impediment. That seems to be more about publicity and political considerations than good radio.


I'm with you, Professor. The shrill and eliminationist reaction to Air America from the right proves to me that they are not at all interested in debating ideas. As Clinton put it recently, they are about ideology, not philosophy, and for that reason, they use their power and influence to eliminate, as much as possible, any venue where fair debate could occur. The systematic polarization of the country, the elmination of moderates and places where true middle ground positions could be staked out are part of a strategy of removing challenges to the ruling ideology from the playing field. Thus the war on academia, on fact-based journalism, on science, on intellectuals with historical and/or cultural perspective in general. These are all sourcs of skepticism, debate, and dissent and thus have to be ruthlessly delegitimized, if not eliminated outright. They want the entire country to work in the same manner that the Republican party and its message machine works--- with total discipline, total coordination, total ruthlessness, and, most important, TOTAL PENETRATION. If they could pass a law requiring every public space to have Fox News on 24-7 they would.

The Bushies are, in this regard, the closest thing we've ever had to Stalinism. As bad as McCarthy was, he operated as somewhat of a free agent, and did not have the full force of the Eisenhower administration, the Congress, the Courts, and the media behind him.

As for how fair Air America is to the opposition, I have to laugh. The right made the new rules, so they have no standing to complain about extreme partisanship. St. Grover Norquist said that bipartisanship was a form of "date rape" and that thinking has governed everything they've done. How dare they complain that there now is a feeble little network with shitty, spotty affiliates where the other side plays the game they wrote the rules for.

But I will also point to my posts on the earlier AA thread where I praised Thom Hartmann and refused to support Mike Malloy for the very reason that in my opinion Malloy was too much like the right in his approach to radio. I'm glad he's gone. I want more people like Thom Hartmann, who respects his audience and his guests (no matter how much they oppose him) and uses his airtime to educate and conduct REAL philosophical/political debates and investigations of the issues. I like Hartmann because he has real faith in the strength of his views and thus does not have to use the usual tricks of talk radio to pump himself up, fill his call lines with ditto-heads, abuse guests and callers who disagree, etc.


Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Professor. It is hard to get real info on what is going on at Air America in NY. I was never a Rachel Maddow fan, but it was still distressing to hear "Army" coming out of my radio on the "big day" of the Air America switch to 1600. What a scandal! At least I got my money back from "Air America Premium" when they fired Malloy and cancelled Marc Maron.

Richard 23

Your posts on Air America have been very interesting. I also appreciate you turning me on to Lassiter and Lionel.

What do you make of this news: Air America to declare bankruptcy.

Dropping Maron and Malloy was bad enough. What now? And I wonder what all the people determined to boycott Air America in revenge plan to do now.


>>What now? And I wonder what all the people determined to boycott Air America in revenge plan to do now.<<

Huh? Something like all those people who fly on the airlines that have declared bankruptcy and keep flying. Remember those stories about how the new bankruptcy laws make it even more possible for corporations to take advantage of them by stiffing their creditors and happily keep keeping on?

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