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September 27, 2006



Peanut Butter Wolf released a 7" by "El Captain Funkaho" that is an homage to Atari 2600 that features a Black Sabbath sample. He does shout-outs to various Atari games. A great record!


Rymdkraft (a Swedish musician) produces music that can be described as "bit pop with 8-bit influences", meaning it's not solely chip, there's analogue synthesizers and stuff in the mix as well. Worth a listen!

$mall ¢hange

also check hrvaski's 'Marbles' on Planet Mu from a few years back, samples Marble Madness, one of my favorite track ball games of the early 80s.

And the cocoa brovas (aka Smif and Wesson) 'Super Brooklyn' which jacks the super mario bros theme to good effect.

Anyways great post! My girl scored that 'Conquer the Video Game Craze' LP a few years ago and believe me, I was mad jealous. I knew about it cos Kid Koala was scratching it when he was on my show a wee minute ago.


You can't forget about the kings of video game music, Buckner & Garcia.


The Missle Command ditty sounds like another cameo for the venerable Casio VL-Tone.


and then, of course, there was Uncle Vic's "Space Invader"

also, there's the excellent band of 'droids from Cleveland: Missile Command

Woody has Seth Price's "Video Game Soundtracks 1983-1987 (2001)" archived at: (scroll down the page some)

also, the out-of-print 8-Bit Construction Set (Cory Arcangel/Paul B. Davis) "Atari vs Commodore" 12" is pretty damn hot. If you dub the last track of each side over to your old school computer tape drive, you can run an organ program and 303 emulator on your old atari and commodore platforms.

Liz B.

Squeal - My head is gonna explode with all of this geekness! Thanks, Clinton!

Here's a real audio link to Captain Funkaho "My 2600"


Hey!, the neighbors with Ataris would always come over to my place to play Intellivision. Astrosmash over Asteroids any day.

Henry Lowengard

You can make fun of old-stlye games - I was never addicted to anythng but Klondike - but I really like this version of PONG:


Thanks for more video game music links, everyone. Just what I was hoping for. But that Captain Funkaho song is the HOTTEST! Thanks, Liz! Oh, and I completely forgot about Astrosmash, that was indeed a fun game, but it still couldn't trump the overall coolness of a 2600 (at the time, anyway). That said, nothing can trump the arcade version of Asteroids.

fatty jubbo

I loved those Data Age games. If I remember right, they were quite cheap and the actual games were confusing and stupid. I loved searching out the retarded cheap games.

My father worked for Borroughs- a company that manufactured chips and circuit boards. When we finally got that 2600- we had access to all sorts of games because Borroughs manufactured the game chips. We had this bare circuit board cartridge that we would put the chips into and we had to pry the chips out with a butter knife when we wanted to play a different game.

fatty jubbo

I went searching for some actual atari music I never remember there being much in the way of music in most games- but I wanted to hear what sort of dumb melodies they came up with out of the rudimentary blips and bloops. Instead of trying to find mp3s, I downloaded a 2600 emulator. I need to stop here because I know it will eat up most of my time! but YIKES! I just found a 2600 game of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it's as stupid yet amazing as you would expect!

Dale Hazelton

She Blinded Me with.....VIDEO GAMES!

These guys say the have +60,000 musical selections sampled from Amiga so far. Enjoy!

Oh, if you long to hear names like "Tandy" and "Unisonic", check out these Uber-Nerds and get yerself a new LCD watch:

Steve PMX

You aint the only one! Mike the 2600 King has been doing his thing for a while now along side his fellow crew members in the LitterThugs. Representing out of Minneapolis at the moment, Mike gives us these two tracks of pure genius. Nintendo Ghetto House: Sampling straight from the NES, Mike drops these club tracks feauting sampling from Castlevania and Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Enjoy.



There's also the video by the group Golden Shower that takes a trip through Atari classics with an Atari-ish soundtrack:

mister caz

wonderful. I paid a pretty penny for the Arcade Funk 12" back in the day.
or maybe it just seemed like a lot because I was.. always poor/always broke.


Thanks for posting the song by Little Brother. I've never heard it before and it inspired me to put a video together for it. I've actually got the Atari symbol tattoed on my back!


Speaking as an individual who bought both an Atari 5200 and a Vectrex unit at a videogame swap-meet a week ago, I thank you for this post.


hey you guys, atari mania gone loco!
this kid remixes authentic butoh video loops, bangrha dance and old timesy fiddle playing in realtime with old school atari games and a specially constructed 2600 games console! check it out


This is an absolute treasure trove of music. I've saved all of it to my hard drive for posterity.

I find especially laughable the bit of multi-culti pablum in the Asteroids track about returning to 1983 Earth, "home to thousands of cultures, all equally valid." Yes indeed, all cultures are equal. And here I've been needlessly worried about these jihadists that want to slit my infidel neck. Silly me! I take it that in the Sunnyvale of 1983, ignorance was represented by a series of 1's and 0's.


if you wanna hear the tunes from the atari, amiga, C64 or PC in just a click without installing software, go to

it's an oldschool music archive and jukebox



Man those sounds brought back memories. I spent hours of my youthful life on those games.

Washington State DUI

I was a Yars Revenge junkie. Those sounds were classic clunky video game tones.


my god, this is awesome, and I thought I was the only one who bought those albums. The story sucked, but at least one song on each album made it worth while.

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