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September 27, 2006



I have Lotus I and II theme tunes, as well Turrican II and California Games that I downloaded from AudioGalaxy. Shame I never got round to looking at more theme tunes from games as some I like, like Anarchy. Will have a look at emulators for a solution.

Big Zel

Nice job on Arcade Funk! I forgot I got it on 12"LP, CLASSIC!!!


I blame Atari (and my cousin) who utilize their 'power' to plunge me into the sin of video game addict. I havent' repent myself ever since and I don't plan to soon enough. Way to go, Atari. Or I should say 'Thanx'?


This blog is all about the information regarding the video games and mp3 and radios and etc...

WoW Gold

Andy Fox

Dude, you have got to be kidding me! Intellivision blew away Atari. You just didn't have the right games apparently. I had basketball, football, boxing, tron, B-17 bomber, Utopia (which was a proto-Civilization game, only problem was it was 2 player), Dungeons and Dragons, and a few others. Basketball and football were 2 player, but you could still play by yourself, the other team was just down 1 man. I blew a lot of hours of my youth on Intellivision. I just thank God that they didn't have First Person Shooters, or I would have failed school.

audrey johnson

me my brother and sister used to dance to this song back in the 80's i love it!

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