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September 06, 2006



#2 is a pretty catchy rip-off of Joy Division
#3 is a hideously deformed version of Bauhaus


Nate P.

1) ABBA, straight up
2) R.E.M. until the guy starts singing, then it's Joy Division
3) Some ungodly collision between DEVO and pre-Dare Human League
4) Elvis Costello fronting the Damned
5) The Beach Boys meet the Free Design
6) Al Green
7) Big Star
8) The Byrds
10) Siouxsie & the Banshees
11) Gary Numan & Tubeway Army
12) Captain Beefheart
13) Nick Drake
14) '60s Bee Gees with a trace of Carpenters
15) Bowie/Elton


Ladies and gentlemen, Luv's disgruntled former bass player...Albgardis Ungvarsky!


You would think a band would be proud of passiby emmulating ABBA; it's not an easy thing.

Notes: Even a Al Green knock-off is pretty excellent. More performers should try it. There are people doing Beefheart "tribute acts? Who knew? I was thinking Tom Waits but I know squat about Beefheart. Mission of Burma? Yeah, I guess if you really want to abstract influences. That Nick Drake thing is pretty amazing until he starts singing; the guitar part is excellent.

Basically, tovah f. pretty much nailed it - well done.


1. Bananrama
2. Devo with Jim Morrison lead vocals
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. Elvis Costello
5. Sufjan Stevens / Beach Boys
6. Al Green (and a very good one)
7. John Lennon
8. The Byrds
9. Crosby, Stills, and Nash (no Young)
10. Cowboy Junkies
11. Frank Zappa
12. Doors
13. Donovan
14. Bee Gees
15. Elton John & Randy Newman


1. ABBA (actually this would be one of ABBA's 4 or 5 best!)
2. The Stooges (intro)/ Joy Division
3. Roxy Music
4. Elvis Costello (though during the intro I was thinking first-album Blondie)
5. Beach Boys (this catches the post-Brian sound maybe a little TOO well).
6. Al Green
7. Big Star fronted by John Lennon
8. The Byrds, with a Paul Kanter lead vocal
9. CSN
10. Souxsie and the Banshees
11. Eno, although you could probably make a good case for Bowie produced by Eno)
12. Tom Waits in his late-period Beefheart mode
13. Nick Drake
14. The Bee Gees
15. Elton John
The batting average here is pretty high. Make you kind of wonder if originality is over rated?

Webster Hubble Telescope

Wrong era again, but #7 is a spitting image of The Jayhawks.


2) Joy Division
3) Killing Joke
4) Elvis Costello
5) The 5th Dimension
6) Al Green
7) David Bowie
8) The Byrds
9) The Beatles
10) Hazel O'Connor
11) Gary Numan
12) Tom Waits / Captain Beefheart
13) Nick Drake
14) Simon and Garfunkel
14) Billy Joel / Elton John / Pink Floyd


1 Boney M
2 Joy Division
3 Bauhaus
4 Elvis Costello/Buzzcocks
5 Jan & Dean
6 Al Greene
7 Allman Bros.
8 Byrds
9 C,S,N &Y
10 Siouxsie and the Banshees
11 The Cure
12 Nick Cave/ Tom Waits
13 Van Morrison
14 The Hollies
15 David Bowie/Elton John


2. Modern Lovers/Stooges
3. Bauhaus
4. XTC fronted by Elvis Costello
5. Beach Boys/Burt Bacharach
6. Al Green
7. David Bowie if Dwayne Allman replaced Mick Ronson
8. Byrds covering a Dylan song that never existed
9. Monkees/Beatles (w/ Ringo singing)
10. Siouxsie
11. Roxy Music
12. Captain Beefheart
13. Nick Drake/Donovan/Cat Stevens
14. Carpenters/Van Dyke Parks
15. David Bowie/Tommy Gnosis


2. Joy Division
3. Bauhaus/Bowie(China Girl)
4. Elvis Costello
5. Beach Boys
6. Al Green
7. John Lennon
8. Byrds covering Dylan
9. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
10. Siouxsie and the Banshees
11. Gary Numan
12. Captain Beefheart
13. Donovan
14. Bee Gees
15. Elton John


Some info on Jobriath, for the person who thinks he's close to Billy Joel, Pink Floyd. First buy some Floyd albums and listen to them with your ears open, none of the one's I own sound like that, and Billy Joel well...nuff said. Jobriath was a over hyped 70's glam artist whose album featured John Paul Jones and Peter Frampton, yet sadly never made an impact musically. He died of AIDS in the early 80's
Check out David Thompson's "Glam Rock" and learn a few things.

Cyn Collins

2)Joy Division/Gang of Four
4) Ramones vocals/Elvis Costello music
5) Beach Boys
6) Al Green
7) Beatles/The Band
8) The Byrds
9) Moody Blues
10) Rolling Stones intro/Pet Shop Boys Vocals/futile attempt at The Cure vibe
11) Bowie/Roxy Music
12) The Cramps/Ctn. Beefheart
13) Jim Croce/Nick Drake
14) Donovan
15) Elton John

gtr guy

All hail Bill Zurat! This is the best kind of compilation: hilarious and tragic at the same time. Apologies in advance for the long post. Here's my two cents...

Luv - Shoes Off (Boots On)
Imagine the mighty Eurodisco "Get Up And Boogie" by Silver Convention, if it was interpreted by bored nuns shoeing feet in a Dutch kindergarten. I seem to recall this may have been a Eurovision Song Contest entry, which goes to show what happens to representative democracy when nobody bothers to vote.

This kind of music permeates every European vacation spot to this day, much like the outbreak of chlamydia which invariably accompanies it.

Primitive Romance - The Spirit's Still There
In which Joy Division play the Dead Kennedys' "Kill The Poor" during a particularly long dark Monday morning of the soul. And you're out of Bactine. And your sister wants her eyeliner back and her She Wants Revenge CD.

Neu Elektrik - Cover Girl
Ah yes. A brave attempt at the motorik sound of Iggy's The Idiot , Bowie's Low and Neu's Neu '75.

Everybody. Must. Play. Like. A. Robot. Or at least like a badly programmed analog sequencer. And then everybody gets pink eye from using Bowie's eyeliner... BTW, Neu just phoned and they want their name back.

Scott Wilk And The Walls - Radioactive
Bravely fighting America's indifference to early Punk Rock, Wilk gives us the best pastiche of Elvis Costello's Armed Forces/Get Happy period since, uh, probably "The Back Of My Hand" by The Jags. Or Joe Jackson before he grew up.

Marc Eric - California Home
This Pet Sounds era clone is perfectly crafted but adds nothing to the Beach Boys vision of (invariably, Southern) California. Where's the smog, freeway jams, drive by shootings? Snippy store clerks at the South Coast Plaza Mall? Wildfires? Maitre D's with SAG cards? And the rent so high you have to commute 60 miles to work...

Sidney Joe Quails - How Can You Say Goodbye
It's Al Green/Willie Mitchell time, folks. Like the previous song, this one nails the style so well, it only points out the song's total lack of a tune, poetry or anything original.

It's only fair to point out that the Reverend Al's batting average has kept him in the minor leagues for many a year now. For an interesting take on the Al Green type thing, check out New Orleans' Rockie Charles...

Sleepy Hollow - Am I Talking Out Of Turn
In an alternate universe, it is the Seventies. John Lennon's career has been on the slide since he was deported by Nixon. In a fit of desperation, he tours the British Pub-Rock circuit with the Faces, (minus Rod Stewart.) Dropped by Apple/EMI, this is his first single on Ono Records.

The good news; Lennon is still alive in the 21st century.

The bad news: His music sucks worse than McCartney's.

Blue Things - It Ain't No Thing
This gem probably predates the Traveling Wilburys, but note the phoned-in Harrison-like vocals, the obnoxious blasts of Dylanesque harp and the disinterested 12 string guitar. Yes, it's either a desperate attempt to sound like The Byrds, or it's a Jeff Lynne demo.

Redeye - Games
Redeye channel CSN (but not Y) so well they should have been renamed Goldennose. A clever producer would license this and the Sidney Joe Quails song at bargain basement prices for the next Vietnam TV movie.

Repetition - A Still Rephlex
Lets see: No great effort to rhyme or versify the lyrics. He's singing paragraphs. The guitar and synth drones warble in and out of tune. The drummer has had too much coffee. Yes, it's Gary Numan time. This is what happens when the kid brothers of the Joy Division clones get their hands on the instruments. And the eyeliner. It's the Neu Wave, baby!

The Edgar Broughton Band - It's Falling Away
Evidence at first indicates ritual offerings to Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. Despite the efforts of creationists, it was inevitable that anthropology would find evidence of a missing link between Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits.

Steve Tilston - Simplicity
"Hey Moe, I've got a great idea for a record..."
"Ok, shoot."
"We get Marc Bolan to write a song - you know, the usual magickal unicorn stuff - and then we get Leo Kottke to play the guitar over it."
"Sure, but who'll you get to sing it?"
"Easy. How about Al Stewart? He hasn't done much since 'Year Of The Cat.'"
"OK, wiseguy, but what are you going to call the band?"
"Uhh... 'The Aristocrats'...?"

Tin Tin - Lady In Blue
Tin Tin appears to be channelling the (wrongly?) convicted sex offender Jonathan King and his 60's hit Everyone's Gone To The Moon.

Then again, maybe it's a Thamesmen tribute. Just ask David St. Hubbins.

Jobriath - Blow Away
Louche circus clown Jobriath gamely attempts Hunky Dory era Bowie piano pastiche but falls short in the melody department. There's no truth in the rumor he later changed his name to Elton John...

The closer the industry attempts to manufacture a star on based on someone else's success, the more obvious the weakness in the raw material, at least with twenty years of hindsight.

It's easy to laugh at the above copycats, but will history be as kind to The Rapture (Gang Of Four Tribute Band); The Strokes (Television, Iggy); Interpol (Joy Division); the Arctic Ferdinand, ad nauseum...?

gtr guy

Yes, I'm a jackass.

In my haste, I mistakenly attributed Repetition's A Still Rephlex to a bunch of Gary Numanoids. Any fool who listens can tell that this song is store-brand Siouxsie and The Banshees. Note the spot-on "Happy House" flanged guitar only mildly spoiled by the generic "Love Will Tear Us A New One" keyboard riff.

The pathetic attempt at Gary Numan should, of course, be attributed to Divorce. My sincerest apologies to all Repetition and Divorce fans everywhere.


1. Bucks Fizz
2. Joy Division
3. Bauhaus
4. Elvis Costello
5. Beach Boys
6. Al Green
7. John Lennon
8. Byrds
9. Crosby, Stills & Nash
10. Siouxsie and The Banshees
11. Gary Numan
12. Captain Beefheart
13. Donovan
14. The Bee Gees
15. Elton John

Station Manager Ken

First off, everybody who compared LUV to Abba should be ASHAMED.

Nobody has nailed the correct answers (as determined by our own Bill Zurat), but Thierry came really close, so he wins the T-shirt. Here is Bill's answer key:

2. Joy Division
3. Bauhaus
4. Elvis Costello
5. Beach Boys / Free Design
6. Al Green
7. The Beatles
8. The Byrds
10. Siouxsie & the Banshees
11. Roxy Music
12. Captain Beefheart
13. Nick Drake
14. The Bee Gees
15. David Bowie / Elton John

And here is Thierry's list. As you can see, the only thing he got "wrong" was number 7, where he guessed Badfinger, instead of the Beatles. That's an understandable mistake. Especially when so many of you compared LUV to ABBA. Sheesh. Congratulations, Thierry, I'll be in touch via e-mail.

2. Joy Division/Mission of Burma
3. Velvet Underground/Bauhaus
4. Elvis Costello
5. The Beach Boys
6. Al Green
7. Badfinger
8. Gene Clark/Byrds
10. Siouxie & the Banshees
11. Eno-era Roxy Music/Brian Eno
12. Captain Beefheart
13. Nick Drake
14. The Bee Gees
15. Elton John (with a touch of Bowie on the vocals)

Lee R.

I didn't think that Luv sounded like ABBA, but I figured that's the band the answer was most probably supposed to be. And by the answer key, Bill Z thought ABBA as well...

So if not ABBA, who was it supposed to be?


1. Luv sounds more like the A*Teens (Abba Teens)which pretty much did techno pop remixes of Abba songs.
2. Joy Division
3. Pere Ubu/X-Ray Spex (I almost thought Roxy Music, but not clean enough)
4. Elvis Costello
5. Beach Boys
6. Al Green
7. John Lennon
8. Byrds (Stretching it)
9. Grateful Dead
10.Siouxsie Sue & the Banshees
11.Roxy Music
12.Frank Zappa
13.Nick Drake
14.Bee Gees
15.Elton John


I still stand by the fact that the track sounds more like Badfinger (for the Pete Ham lead guitar) than the Beatles, but I'll be glad to accept the shirt regardless! Thanks!



Danny D Be Devilin' He

i'm probably way off

2) Joy Division
3) Gang of Four
4) The Clash (with the same police siren as the beginning of White Riot?! come on)
5) Beach Boys
6) Al Green
7) Steve Miller Band (or maybe the Eagles)
8) The Stones (have you seen your mother baby, standin' in the shadooowwws...)
9) Crosby, Stills & Nash (you are what you aaarrrrree....)
10) once the vocals kick in, it reminds me of X?
11) Pink Floyd
12) Captain Beefheart/Tom Waits/Howlin' Wolf/The Doors
13) Nick Drake
14) The Bee Gees
15) Bowie covering Elton John

yeah.....probably way off.

B Duo

If you're into Siouxsie, you will like this band. I saw them play live in Cafe Dada in Brussels and they really rocked! They're new on the scene...a punk band anyway and i'm not sure where they're from but they're good:) Ok here's the rapidshare link of their ep i found for you...

And here are some useful links to the band...

Happy listening!And check out this band. I think they'll be big.

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