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September 08, 2006



where/how do i get my hands on some Circle?

i caught them here in LA and they were astounding. i'm kicking myself for not buying all i could at the show. i waited because a guy there told me that every album they have released is completely different from the previous. my thought ballon was
"hwah, well i'm gonna do some research first! smart decision directly from my smart brain."

and now i have NOTHING.


I met people from Klangbad from Germany on at Faust concert. I told them i was looking for new sounds and asked them if they had any new psychedelic rock on offer. They handed me a copy of 'Alotus' by Circle. "Buy this one; you won't be sorry!" (You have to imagine the strong German accent fortifying that statement..)

I love that CD. And from what i've heared at WFMU it's all amazing!

Circle is on-and-off on the Klangbad online shop at

Sir Cumference

Try Aquarius Records and/or Circle's label, Ektro. Failing that there's always the Ebay (search for "Circle finland" or "Circle kraut" or the various albums' titles).

Dan B

Forced Exposure also distributes a lot of Circle's albums. It's true -- the albums vary quite a lot. Favorites of mine = Sunrise (incredible metal riffing, sort of like distilled extract of heavy metal), Forest (with a bit of an acoustic vibe), and Guillotine.


i feel your pain Dano ... im lucky to have a copy of Andexelt (awesome!) but i stalled and lost out on recent stuff thats already hard to find (like Sunrise)

anyway, go to Squealer's site and get Raunio ... thats one of the best live albums ive ever heard... and then get whatever you can find at Aquarius .. they are huge Circle freaks, and usually have their newest stuff...they also re-stock when they can, and put stuff on back-order for you (if its not in yet) which is amazing that they do that...

i still get withdrawals though, so i admit that i soulseek .. i can't help it and ive seen almost every Circle release there ... hopefully they'll be a massive re-issue overhall one day

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