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September 18, 2006



Little did that officer know, that he confiscated the fuel that powers the tour bus.


I live in Louisiana. A little bit outside of Baton Rouge. It sucks so damn much and it would figure that they would even stoop so low as to try and bring down the Red Headed Stranger.

BOOOOOOO Lousiana!!!!


That's a hell of a LOT of weed.


Here's the contact information of the HWY PTRL Unit that arrested our gypsies. So call the free number and bug the shit out of them!
I remember hearing that the officer that arrested Willie that one time at a Texas rest stop for possession was a rookie cop thinking he was big shit for busting Willie. In fact what happened was that his higher ups chewed his ass out saying that one doesn't mess with Willie.

Troop I
121 East Pont Des Mouton, Lafayette, LA 70507
(337) 262-5880 FAX # (337) 262-5685
Toll Free (888) 768-8746


Here's a link to the Louisiana State Troopers press release.


solidarity. no one f**ks with the willie.


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