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September 10, 2006



Another german hit. Love these.


Swed Simon

Wow. I've been looking for stuff by some of these artists for ages, and suddenly this pops up! Thank you very much.


'Honecker Im Cambodia' is legendary. Co-Mix were on Intoleranz, quite a punky label with Magi Razzo and Rhythmus Radikal releases. Der Künftige Musikant, also known as Der Mussikant and Der Lustige Musikant, is about as cult as it gets when it comes to underground German cassette groups. All the material has been reissued by Genetic Music and is still available on CD. I highly, highly recommend:

Duotronic Synterror was Andi Arroganti & someone called R Sex. The duo released stuff on the Wartungsfrei Tapes & Fanzines out of Saarbrücken. Franck (WSDP/punk-disco) reissued most of it for the Zerstoer Die Welt (Destroy The World) LP. Arroganti's solo tapes are now online ready for download at:

Franck's most recent limited edition reissue was the Hessenz Ganz Gross tape, which I've yet to buy. Sugalo was another reissue, now OOP. His incredible kassettographie can be gawped at here:

G.Sahler's Blechluft Editions (cassette history no.4 online to download in PDF). Essential, but in German of course:

What I don't understand is why remastered tapes can't just start circulating again, cheaply. Also, the Germans are very cranky and don't like this information to be shared too much!

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