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September 29, 2006



You know, this was a really good post until the trite and derivative second-to-last paragraph. How disappointing.


Yeah, no shit. It was interesting and seemingly journalistic until the end. Is this a joke post or something?


I disagree, great post all the way around! Second to last paragraph is on the money, honey. Thank you Mark.


Brilliant post, Mark.

Brent and JV, even visible mainstream conservatives like George Allen, Lou Dobbs and Washington Times managing editor Francis Coombs have documented ties to extremist hate groups, why do you find anything about that paragraph hard to swallow?


Agreed, good and thought provoking post. Why beef about the second to last para, it's the last one that's weak. I don't think Lenny pandered to his audience. Anne however makes a living of it. Apples and oranges. Otherwise, an excellent read.

Elliot Harmon

I don't think any of the things you listed are really the Christian underground. They're the B-Team, like Animal Liberation Front is the B-Team for PETA. Officially unrelated, but hopelessly connected.

The true underground is writers like Jim Wallis or Rick Moody, or shunned Christian rock bands like Five Iron Frenzy and Danielson. People using their faith to rattle the political and economic structures that rely on their faith.


I think you forgot to demonize Rush Limbaugh and George Bush in that second to last paragraph.

Lee Hartsfeld

"It's" and "its" are two different words. "Who's" and "whose," ditto.

In addition, the majority of Christians are not on the far right, and I'm tired of the endless idiocy from this blog in that regard.



Lee, the majority of Christians -with political power- are absolutely on the far right, this isn't news. These are the people who say things like "I don't care what you do in the bedroom, just don't advertise it". Well now -- I don't care who you pray to, blah blah blah... The ones without power are of course a varied bunch, and probably our very own good friends - they are not dangerous and therefore not subject to "endless idiocy from this blog".

Mark's post is even-handed and fair (and great), I think you're being a little defensive. What's with the grammatical gripe of your opening salvo? Um, you got us bud. Not Worth Discussion.


yeah, those christians are just horrible. the way they push forward all their right wing views without any foundation in reason. their inability to seperate their personal faith from their public persona is revolting.
we've all had enough of

James Brown.

Howard Finster

Johnny Cash

Rick Griffin

Alice Cooper

god the proselytizing never ends right?

i don't think you stopped to think about people's faith before you wrote that post and i don't think you did any objective consideration to who christians really are in our nation.
your post is a well worded foul ball.


Mike Warnke, yeah! Self-proclaimed former Satanic High Priest and author of the classic album "A Christian perspective on Halloween". It is a mix of lame comedy and hilarious "serious" bits. Christians are much funnier when they are serious. Yes, indeed. And I'll post the whole damn album on this blog to prove my point!


Even better, some other blog posted it a while ago: Mike Warnke: A Christian Perspective on Halloween. And of course he was a notorious liar who made up all of the stories about his Satanic past. If you have lots of time, read the interesting article Selling Satan: The Tragic History of Mike Warnke in Cornerstone Magazine.

His comedy is really lame, and I have a hard time believing that there is any good Christian comedy, i.e. comedy with a Christian message. (Of course there are many good Christian comedians, even though all the best ones were/are Jews...)

North by Northwest West Orange

I saw some of these Xian dudes/dudettes on the tube awhile ago and they were MOST amusing.

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I think the real joke is that there is a Xtian rock band with a song titled "Lazy Brain."
From the people that gave us one book with all life's answers and then followed it up with the American variant of anti-intellectualism this is perhaps proof that god has a sense of humor.

Lazy Dog parody called "Lazy God"

Since you brought-up the "L" word, click the link.

Lee Hartsfeld

Thanks, DanO. Exactly. And we can add Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, Albert Schweitzer, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer to that list.

Bonhoeffer, you'll recall, wrote that "the church is the church only when it exists for others." Such shocking intolerance. How he could have helped inspire the civil rights movement is a mystery.

Two of these Christians are still with us--maybe BOTB can talk some sense into them.


The Contrarian

Mark, I enjoyed your piece immensely. While I may not agree with its politics, the Christian right's entertainment offerings and other behaviors may represent the last remaining genuine counterculture in America.

But how can you mention Christian comedy and music without giving props to a WFMU favorite of 2005, The Knights of the New Crusade?


You know, I'm not sure how to put this, but that second to last paragraph, that hurts.

It hurts for me, a Christian, to be defined by you as being somehow aligned with people who are clearly hatemongers. I wish you would try to be a little more open minded in this regard. All I can do is ask you to understand that we, Christians, are NOT that. Nor do we consider those people Christians.

Don K.

Gee I may be naive here, but I thought this was an essay on edgy Christian comedians and their their darker comedic musings. I didn't think religion came in to it at all. I may be reading it wrong.


An extremist christian is one who's read a few scattered lines of the bible, taken them literally, and put them into practice. A moderate christian is one who's skimmed the more interesting books, and applied the more sensible parts where they fit. An atheist is one who's found they don't need the bible's sensible bits to behave decently. That's why moderate christian comedy and secular comedy tend to have similar messages.

The clean/dirty distinction is a red herring.


Interesting comments, some noteworthy, but best summed up by the one who said it is a well worded foul ball & it's true, the best comedians are the Jews BUT.......I notice the contempt for the anti- abortionists, in reality, pro-lifers always comes from someone who grew up & was never aborted. Why don't you people think before you speak? Today anyone under 30 is a survivor as a huge fraction of their generation has never had the chance to see the light of day due to abortion. Some of you who have can thank the fanatical 'anti- abortionists' for your existance.


Dear friends,
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Please respect my Lord and Savior and remove such a disgraceful picture of laughing at Jesus from the internet.


Where's the "laughing at Jesus"? All I see is a piece on the history of the Christian comedy sub-genre...if anything should be removed, it's the 3rd and 2nd-to-last comments, which are nothing more than glorified classified ads for conspiracy theorists.

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