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September 01, 2006



Sound advice. Sometimes remaining stationary when the greys come can be deadly and hyperspace can prove to be a worthy ally. That said it is still very sketchy proposition.
Online versions are crap. Nothing beats the noise, smells, and nostalgia of an arcade. If you can find one that still has Asteroids you are lucky indeed. My local sanctuary recenty removed theirs (or maybe it's just in the shop) so I'll have to suffice with Galaga. Although they do have a machine with all sorts of old games in it, but its just not the same without the original cabinet.


Reset the machine to the language of your choice.


It needs to be said that the late WFMU alumnus TK Folger was an Asteroids master, spending hours at a time on that machine. I could never manage the hyperspace button effectively, though I witnessed him do it many times.


Ah yes, the initials "TKF" still show up on the high score list here from time to time, as a tribute from DJs who remember Terry's Asteroids prowess.

Taso Stefanidis

Nothing like seeing "Juego Terminado" after being blown to 1x1 sprites to remind me to get back to work.

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