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September 21, 2006



Did you catch the Roky Erickson doc the night before? It's quite a stunner.


Yes, we saw it when it played over the weekend. It's quite good, but really depressing how screwed up the entire Erickson family is.


Anybody know who was playing with Jandek?

It was an impressively mysterious performance. Two hours straight of live Jandek is definitely a damaging experience.


Forgot to mention: Jandek was flipping through what looked like a bound collection of lyrics or music before every song. Could there really be a Jandek songbook?! It seems too beautiful to be true.


Am I the only one left who remembers that, when Ol' Pal Irwin first introduced this guy, it was supposed to be a joke?


Let me amend that. I mean no dis to folks who dig him. I suspect it may be true that, for those of us who laughed in, what was it, 1987, '88, the joke is now on us.

Krys O.

Parq, don't worry, some of us old fogies who used Jandek records as desk blotters still have the last laugh.


Playing with Jandek, according to the guys standing next to me, were John McIntire on drums and Josh Abrams on bass.


does anyone actually like jandek's music?


Jandek would be funnier if it didn't seem like the guy is so intensely devoted to his vision. While his music is in no ways conventionally likeable, neither is Merzbow; but that doesn't stop people from buying his noise records. Due in great part to his ridiculously impenetrable music, his album artwork, and his reclusive myth, listening to Jandek is kind of like being stuck in the amazingly bleak, dark landscape of someone else's mind.

Also: there's no mistaking a Jandek song. For better or for worse, how many artists are able to make themselves recognizable at the first stroke of their guitar, or their first vocal?


Actually, it looks like someone just put up a few too-dark clips from the Chicago show:

Good sound quality at least, if that's important.

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