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September 03, 2006



I think the Jay Darrow song is about Lee Harvey Oswald, not Jay Darrow. You can see the parallels between the song's lyrics and Oswald's life in I looked for more info about the song, but I didn't find anything. Does anyone have any references for "Reflections of the Life of an Assassin"?

Bat Guano

The Amway song is actually the new Dick Devos for Governor campaign song here in Michigan.


I can't get the Brady, Brown or Norris the Troubador MP3s to play. They downloaded ok, but do you need something special to actually play them? Any help would be appreciated.



Tomorrow is Labor Day in the USA (not to confuse with the un-American and communist "May Day" celebrated in other parts of the world)...Please. May Day celebrated every year all over the world is not communist and not un-American. It is a day issued to remember that millions workers are exploited and abused every day and to commemorate the workers dead to defend their rights.

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