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September 28, 2006



Ouch, if that first track you recommend is any indication, I'll take a pass at the rest. Eno? Please...


Hey K, I never said "Music for Airports". Listen to "Third Uncle", I think it's almost uncanny, and I got Kelly Jones backing me up. Anyway, sorry you didn't like it.


Yeah, oddly enough I was just listening to "801 live" which is about as "psychedelic rock" as Eno gets, so I know what you mean. Is "Third Uncle" like "da Kinx"? OK, I did a side by side as you suggest, and point out the follow. Notice how Turringtons clean bass line mixes with Manzaneras fuzzy and constantly changing guitar parts to give the song a strong and moving texture. I'm not sure whether Wyatt or Smith does the percussion, but it adds further complexity to the rythym without overwhelming the piece. On "da Kinx" everyone is pretty much plays right on top of the bass line, and so it seems to go on forever before the break. There's just a hell of a lot more musically going on in "Third Uncle", and my ear never gets tired. No need to apologize, thanks for trying and keep looking for the needle in the camels eye (wink).


Yes, Mexico City its exploding with this kind of bands.

Dan Willems

This is great fun! Thanks for the post.

Mcspicious, so touchy 'bout Eno we all are ("thanks for trying"? Damn.)....nobody's crying over the Amon Duul II ref! I'm with ya Scott, keep it coming.

Cal P

Great stuff, exactly what I keep coming back to this blog for.


I live next door to Mexico yet knew nothing about this burgeoning underground music scene. Thanks for the tip off. As for Eno, he and I happen to share the same birthday: shouldn't that make us related in some way?


This is worth listening to as an entire album. And it's a really, really good album. Some of these songs in the wrong context could leave me cold, but altogether I love this rec. It's very heavy psych with lots of weird tangents.

If there's more stuff like this brewing down SotB, we're in for a treat.


Great stuff, thanks Scott!

carlos icaza

hi, this is carlos from las comadrejas. thanx to wfmu for playing us. and cheers to good irwin chusid for not leaving the cd in his hotel room at mexico city!
check out at myspace for comadrejas related projects and the underground scene in mexico city.

and about the Eno issue.... when we did that song (da kinx) i was having in mind a kinks line, and the bass player was thinking about a violent femmes song. that answers about the title. the drone stuff came more of blue cheer! anyway we are big Eno firs 4 albums fans and Roxy´s first two. hope it´s not to late to post this hahahah....
saludos desde mexico.

alex garrick


joi joi

saludos a la bandaaaa


Comadrejas in Ebay, diablos

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