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September 20, 2006


Nick the Bard

Whaaa, quit making me forget that I lost my copy of that box like fourteen years ago. And by lost I mean my mom threw the thing out. Stupid Pathmark in Garford/Cranwood being the only place that carried them...

Elizabeth sure does pump out the crazies in this state though, huh?

D Butz

I remember seeing this at Key Food on 7th Ave in Brooklyn in the 90s. Mike has long haunted me and my wife.


This is nothing to mourn as these are quite possibly some of the worst hamburgers I've ever eaten.

Steve PMX

Thats the same creepy demon stare/evil smile my 4yr old nephew gets when he spots Snowface (our cat) - then immediately stalks her and grabs her tail. But my nephew's got a little less of a bowlcut than this kid...

Cheese Snob Wendy

Oh no! They really DID change the packaging?! RATS! I bet they changed it because at this point, NOBODY'S Daddy makes 'em anymore, unless it's a Robot's Daddy. So maybe someone threatened to sue the company for false advertising. Oh well, we still have Armour's Pork Brains in Milk Gravy.

-Cheese Snob Wendy

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