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September 13, 2006



There was a messageboard?!?


perhaps you should install a captcha to weed out the automated junk


I'd hate to see it go.
I would have loved to have seen some more souls on it. But the few -prolific ones- there are really the best!


Sigh. To think that "Bad Month For The Angry Tinfoil Hat Crowd" has now become a fossilized historical document, like the Magna Carta or Chubby Checker's "Dancing Apart to the Beat" . . .

Station Manager Ken

Here are some other comments that were e-mailed to me from the board's last post:


Ken: I totally understand the message board problems, but I hope you can come up with some solution - comments on the blog might do the job, but something more open would be even better. The message board has been a constant source of amusement, and sometimes source of useful information, for so many.


I am greatly saddened by its demise, though I understand why, especially given the obvious amount of time spent wiping spam and what had become infrequent posts. It wasn't even stupid anymore.

However, I do think there ought to be some way for listeners to continue to interact with the station. I like the blog, but it really is not interactive--at least not like a message board. And of course listeners cannot post questions that other listeners or staff may be able to answer.

I understand (perhaps I am mistaken in this) that at least some of the on-air staff do not like the message board, though I'm not sure why. Other DJs seem rather quite interested in interactions with the listeners--surely Frank O'Toole is, among others.

In closing, I do think there is a place in the WFMUniverse for listeners to interact with each other and the folks work at the station. I look forward to whatever you use to replace the message board.


You might look into adding diaries to the blog, like dailykos is set up.

The troll rating system keeps out the rifraf.

Something between a straight blog and dailykos might work.

What do you use for your back-end for the blog?


While I'm sad to see the message board go, I understand your reasons. I'll miss the community we had especially on the off-topic board where one could start a conversation about practically anything and get interesting responses.
I'll also miss reading the regulars - Krys, Fatherflot, Parq, Gazoo, Pete, Rob S (before his untimely disappearance) hell even Raad_Man. I'm sure I'm missing some of them too but they all made the dead spots in my work day a litte better. Anyway, I hope you can stick this note out there on the final thread
so I can say thanks to those folks. If not, I totally understand.

Thanks again for all your hard work and I hope the board comes back again some day.


Fuckin' a man. I miss the good ole days of fmu too.

After a couple of tough years, I finally got my
screenwriting career off the ground. My first feature
goes into production in a couple of weeks. It stars
Billy Zane and will be on the Sci Fi Channel in a
year. Fucking awesome.

We're trying to set up some of the other scripts I've
written. One is about a hunter named Nugent Lee
Halen. I wrote a part in it for Alice Cooper, so
hopefully we can get him interested. How 'bout that?
Nuge and Coop? It's just like that time you had me on
your radio show to help get the president elected

I'm going to Vegas this weekend to see Axl Rose
perform with his fake Guns N' Roses band. I drove up
to Axl's house a few months ago and pissed in his yard
and yelled a bunch of mean shit about Chinese
Democracy. Then I met Slash outside a radio station
before he went in for an interview. I wrote "Slash,
You Are Very Awesome" on my shirt with a sharpie.
Later in the interview, he said he thought I was going
to kill him. Sweet.

Hope things are going well with you. If you ever get
a new and improved forum up and running, you gotta
let me know.



I wrote Ken about this, but I'll throw out the idea here too. I think a "Scoop" site would be perfect for WFMU. The most famous one is Dailkos, but there are many others. The main site for Scoop is here: http://www.scoopsoftware.com/

What I like about the Scoop platform is that it is essentially self-policing. You don't really need censorship because the crap posts pass through the system quickly, while valuable posts (by community rating) stay in view. Users can subscribe to the posts of particular writers or topics. Ratings of comments allow trolls to be weeded out without a lot of hand-wringing.

A lot has been written about Marcos and the success of his site, but not enough credit has been given to the software itself, which provides a great balance between freedom of expression and democratic rule-making and enforcement.

Also, I suggested to Ken that WFMU should get a Wiki site going so users can create a massive "WoofMoo-pedia". The thought of a WFMU-community authored Krautrock entry alone is enough to make one salivate!


Oops. Gave the wrong URL for the homepage of the "Scoop" software used by Dailykos. The correct URL is: http://scoop.kuro5hin.org/

Friend of Tom

Hey the Friends of Tom Forum is still open and not just restricted to discusion of The Best Show on WFMU.
Visit www.friendsoftom.com/forum for unfettered discussion, free of censorship and faux pseudo-fascistic metalheads.




A message board without faux pseudo-fascistic metalheads? Who the fuck wants that?

"Ken Friedman=King of the Dues" [sic]


--sigh-- And I never even got to meet Sugartits . . .

PS. I guess I understand the reasons that Ken posted those comments anonymously. Sure do wonder who was the dude with all that Axl stuff. . .


As the author of some of those anonymous comments (and indeed, the author of the title of this blog entry) I have no problem with the comments I've written being attributed to me.

I do hope there is a sincere commitment to re-launching the some kind of discussion board, but for it to work, it will require self-policing on the part of the participants, as well as enthusiastic posting.

I think the board hit either its high point or low point (I can't figure out which) with the guy who was asking about how to try some crack. I wonder what ever happened to him?

Listener Stan

Raad_Man actually used to post on the first version of the Friends of Tom forum. Here is a PM he sent me on that board during some pissing match over something that I can't recall:

Raad_ Man wrote:

"Wow! You are a TOUGH DUDE! One major STRONG MAN! Also, you have a biting wit! It's really clever how you like to post replies to whatever I say, groaning and bitching about how you don't like me. That's not just clever... it's WFMU CLEVER!!!!
WAH WAH WAH BABY BOO BOO! I'M SO SORRY!!!!!! STAN NO LIKEY RAAD_MAN! BLAH BLAH BLAH! What a big baby. LOL! You called me an asswipe! LOL! That's funny to me because you like to make fun of me for using expressions like Butthole Doo Doo Dog and Pee Pee Wiener Face... at least those are original. Asswipe? That's so dang funny to me! LOL! LOL! Smiley

I just want you to know that I think we could still get along. I'm willing to start over if you are! COOL!
Dudes Forever! Ken Freedman is NO LONGER a Dude! But he also is!"

Come back, sweet Raad_Man.



I like the Scoop idea A LOT.


By the way, since there's no other place to put stuff like this, I do it here.

I just discovered and incredible treasure trove of rare Stax-Volt photos (ten web pages worth) starting here:


Lots of publicity shots, including some very hot Carla Thomas pix, candid backstage and studio shots, pictures of the studio, album covers, etc. There's even a heartbreaking photo of Otis Redding posing next to his charter plane---pretty sure its the one that he later died in.

Pure heaven for Stax-heads. Now if I could find a corresponding Hi records photo gallery!

By the way, has anyone seen "Wattstax"? Believe it or not, my local video store in Joplin, MO has it and I've been thinking of renting it. Lots of Jessie Jackson and Richard Pryor if I'm not mistaken.


So, its kinda cheap, but why couldn't you just open a myspace group to accompany your myspace profile? Even if only for just now...

Free, secure, doesn't matter if it works cause its not yours...


Former Message Board User Pete

Wattstax is excellent, though the print I saw wasn't great. I've heard none of them are. I was lucky enough to see it in a small screening with director Mel Stuart there to talk about it afterward, but it's definitely worth even renting. That Pryor kid is going places, you watch.

And regarding the message board, I have to be honest. The sad truth is, if I stumbled upon it, thinking, "wow, this is where there are other people like me who are really into the wild radio WFMU is doing," I'd be disappointed. It wasn't serving as much more than a front stoop for us hangers-on to hang out on. I've always said having ways for WFMU to make its listenership feel involved are great, but was the energy that was put into keeping that board going remotely accomplishing that for more than ~20 people? I read/posted out of habit, and increasingly less because it was keeping me better in touch with WFMU, its music, or radio in general, which should have been the real point of the board but increasingly wasn't.

I would wait and see what sort of demand/interest exists beyond this handful of us with unfulfilling day jobs talking about nothing, and go from there. Nature abhors a void. The market will sort it out.

Frankly, I'd trade the whole thing for one or two more live radio shows someplace that I could show up to every year.

Le message board, c'est mort. Vive le message board. Now get back to work.


I started the Yahoo group (years ago) so people could chat while listening to the station. A few did. I think some sort of chat option might be nice although I won't vouch for the content. I just think it would be nice to able to chat real time with someone as you are listening. (Yahoo has stopped offering chat in their groups btw. And their message setup is still nowhere near as useful as any real board even though they just revamped it. So the Yahoo alternative isn't a very good one. You can post files though and do some other stuff that might be handy.)

I have seen some good formats for boards out there but don't know who makes them. Some are real popular so they must have some good security features. I'm also not sure how the look and feel can be customized to have the look you want.

I do look forward to the new board. It was one place I'd check pretty much every day after going through my mail. Might be good for a laugh or interesting. Hope it comes back.




I post regularly on the board over at the Arcade Fire fansite Us Kids Know. The board there is ran on PunBB software (http://www.punbb.org/), and it's fairly excellent. We rarely get spammed, and we've only had one person to be banned...

I can't tell you though how much of the excellence of the board though is the result of our administrator, Solace, who also runs the Wilco fan board Via Chicago and the music announcement blog More Cowbell.(http://www.morecowbell.net/)

Listener bkd

Why not just an NNTP server? Thunderbird handles Newsreading duties just fine, I'm sure most of the interested persons have the tech savvy to set it up for themselves, or at least know a person who could set it up for them.

Require an ID and password to connect, and set up an automated register with a captcha.

The technical hurdle should keep out the spambots and the riff-raff.


There is always the Friends of Tom message board



I didn't post much-- I've always been more of a listener than a talker-- but I was always amazed by the great computer/technical info and recommendations people would post. (It seemed like half the MB participants were IT people which was very handy.) I was also quite fond of the "What Are You Reading?" threads.

I thought it was great how we could just go to the board to get notices about sudden glitches in the web streams or news about server issues. Maybe that's a place to start: a seperate page off the main server for quickly posting news about stream or signal disruptions.

It might be worth trying to set up chat again. I used to participate in the online chat during Incorrect Music and it was a blast. WFMU listeners just aren't like people I typically meet hanging around DC/suburban Maryland.

Listener David

I can see locking the msg board so no more spam can be posted, but now it seems there isn't even a msg board to see. There was tons of great eclectic info there, and now it seems to be gone!! Can we at least have access to what was there?

Station Manager Ken

The board is still there. I dont see the sense of having prominent links to an interactive forum if it's been locked. But I will leave it up for a while longer:


Listener Paul

Well, the link is gone, the message board is really gone now. Dead. Lost forever are accounts of Raad's movie, getting mugged in Bloomfield, the death of countless rockers, actors, and random inhabitants of the demimonde.

My 9 private messages are also gone.

But I still have the fact that I know Fatherflot's true identity. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

Krys O.

Paul, you can still bookmark the link from Ken's post above. See you on the other side.

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