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September 21, 2006


Listener Paul

I had something to blather about, but I seem to have forgotten what it was.



I'm not Lisa

I miss the real message board.


Please help me. I am weak (spiritually) but had once played on WFMU. A local bully ridiculed my band; I just can't get over it. I want to beat him up.
What do I do?


Ok...A further explanation: My band totally rocks and is actually cool beyond belief but we broke up awhile ago. If I told you who were are - you would ask why I am having such a Sally Fields-type moment. The galling thing about the person who ridiculed the band (we were playing a reunion gig for fun) was that he is a local music reviewer but obviously still jealous of us. The funny thing, aside from his girlfriend always staring at me, is that I know no reason why he would be so mean and so obviously personal in his attack against my band. The other guys are like "so what? 68 'Caribou' * sucks; always have" but I still think what he did was wrong. I still want to f*ck up his shit for trashing our awesome rock legacy in his ugly review that he posted under a 3-person pseudonym. * = a made-up-name to maintain anonymity.... Please advise. I am totally wanting to f*ck this guy up but also willing to just say "You are a total cheap-shot fag for what you need, so my letting you off the hook for what you did should be humiliating enough"... Please any advice appreciated.


Pete Townsend, please stop trying to kid us with this "Steve" stuff, and get over what Cristgau wrote. After all, the guy just lost his job after half a decade, and even if he deserved it, can't you cut him a *little* slack? I mean, you should see what Chris T wrote about you.


No, no, no - I'm not "Pete Townshend". I'm just a guy who, on occasion would - with "Townshend-esque" windmills with (I must say) a certain aplomb that rivalled, if not exceeded Mr. Pete's - and having um, "Slave'd" in the midwest - would nevertheless have received kudos worthy of any one person's ability to having already inhaled and exhaled Mr. Pete's vast influences and blew (lovingly) said influences in the direction of what was at the time called "Alternative Rock" would be such that I feel I am thusly worthy of some um, y'know... "cred" and therefore "above the fray" in terms of being not subject to petty annoyances of the type described previously. That's all I'm sayin'... especially considering the fact that our band was WAY better than than previously mentioned mega-douche's band in all manner of measurement, subjective or objective, yo... Was that a sentence? I am willing to be educated on the matter, but please either decline or provide the "go-ahead" to a Deadwood-style settling up of psychic karma... --Steve


Here's a cool link to a story I heard on NPR today about 20+ year old demo tapes from unknown bands being released on labels today to some acclaim. Jennifer Sharpe narrated the story and chimed in about her 1983 peace punk band's demo. Really cool story, but kind of sad in the way of unrealised talent coming a generation to late. Kind of like a modern Nuggets.


When is the new WFMU website comming? Was the site design contest an elaborate tease?


Go right now to Weird Al Yankovic's MySpace page and dig his new video valentine to the RIAA, "Don't Download This Song", with visuals by noted moderate Bill Plympton. Then you can, uh, download it. NO! I DIDN'T SAY THAT!

Station Manager Ken

Healthfood - No, it wasn't an elaborate tease, it's just that the new homepage design is more than just a design, our database has to be able to create it. As a database project, the new homepage design has to sit in line behind other projects that are not as high profile, but equally important. The new homepage design is in fact the next database project in line.

If we had a whole team of people working on this stuff, it wouldn't take so long. But we only have one person.


Scott M

Is that Jennifer Love Hewitt? That is the most frightening picture I have ever seen. Please take it down before I cry.


But you gotta love those animated heaving breasts.


They're not heaving, they're... throbbing.

Jeff Martinek

Spit already Jennifer! How long can swish that Listermint?


Anybody know if this pic is real or fake?


The animation is real; the picture is fake. It's actually a picture of Alex Karras chewing and undulating his chest. It's been CGIed to look like J-Luv.

Kenzo ( /

Implementing the new homepage design is held up because the submitted design uses CSS code that happens to completely break on Mobile IE. Mobile IE may be a terrible browser (even worse than regular IE), but it's (sadly) popular. Determining what exactly is causing the break is non-trivial.


Every time I read a post from Kenzo I want to sign up for computer programming classes. It's probably a good thing I'm broke.

Von Zeke

Ken, thanks for the opportunity to gum up your bandwidth - share useless information with you all once again.

Smoker's Style

Janey Yonkers

Until I read poster jtm's comment, I hadn't even noticed her breasts. I'm such a girl.


You will be happy to know that the hives I had yesterday, which I thought I got from wearing my WFMU T-Shirt straight out of the mailbox without washing it, reccurred today shifting suspicion to ragweed.

Listener Dave

I put some blather in the blather box without checking here first. Oh well. I guess it isn't the new message board.

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