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September 27, 2006



Okay, I guess I get to be the one to say it; Hova and Belinda, I can understand that anything gets old after more than a decade, and getting up on Saturday early enough to be on the air at 7 am and trying to make the tin-can telephone work is tough, and DJWW can't be counted on to be asleep anymore, and all. I just wish you had done a formal farewell so we could all have said goodbye.

So . . . goodbye. Belated happy 3rd to Herself, from all her many audience uncles and aunts. Strong winds and calm waters to the two of you, and don't forget to send a card once in a while.


Hoo, boy, bad day at work. The Oprah thing threw me. Have I made myself look silly enough yet?

Foreign Listener K

My Fridays, oh my Fridays. I was but a listener.

But then, having another M on the dial means that Wednesdays are looking up.

Luckily, it is all archived - all of it, on hard drives, gold CDs, DVD-RAM, all of it.

One of the things that makes listening to freeform radio so satisfying is not merely the immediacy of the experience, but the rediscovering of music years later.

Somehow, it feels like the passing of an era anyways.

Listener Paul

Well, here's something where the message board worked better than this blog. In the heyday of the message board, this would have been a 4 page thread.

Foreign Listerner K

Yes, the schedule reactions were much better on the board. Adds a certain poignancy to this fall's changes - a subtle loss which has nothing to do with WFMU on-air at all.

Limey James

"In the heyday of the message board, this would have been a 4 page thread."

Absolutely true. And three and a half of those pages would have been a complete waste of time.

But I just checked the message board and when the schedule most recently changed to new, there was no post at all about the schedule change. So this is an improvement from that.


Woo hoo, Bronwyn is back! Good to see Ken on there too! Yowsers.

I will miss the Acapulco Dance Party with Acapulco Rodriguez. However, I'm about to put a heap of his September shows on my MP3 player, so it'll be a while before they run out.

I will miss Donna too. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to listen to Monica much lately (I only have a 4 gig MP3 player), but I hope she returns. I think I have a "Do or DIY" program on there I haven't listened to yet either, yet I'm a little sad to see her go off the sched.

Ah, for the days when I could listen to WFMU over the air for several hours a day, including at work. Now I can barely keep up. I don't even hear my favorite DJs weekly (except Bethany, who has a really accessible timeslot, and often Pseu and Bryce). I only load every third or fourth show onto my player, at best.

Glad to see Woody in a somewhat more accessible timeslot (accessible for me anyway). I might occasionally hear him live, at least a little. I've downloaded a couple of his shows from the Thu. overnights aand enjoyed them, but squeezing those four-hour shows onto my iPod really strains the capacity. I can cut 'em up into bits and listen to only one or two hours, but that seems, errrrr, improper somehow.


OPRAH ... from spending several years in Jeremiah Wright's anti-American racist church, listening to sermons like "God Damn America", and giving life time achievement awards to the likes of Louis Farrakhan ... to her newest opportunistic religious beliefs ... who could possibly take Oprah seriously? This woman's ego is soooo big, being a billionaire celebrity isn't enough, she has to start her own religion ... not to mention all the additional money she is going to make selling all those book, tapes, CD's, etc. to her poor followers. Oprah's new power hungry ambitions include efforts to replace traditional America with Obama ... and access to a President she puts into office ... to her efforts at replacing Christianity with a new religion she controls. I think it's time for America to deny Oprah access to our television sets.

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