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September 08, 2006



Genesis related: has anyone heard the PTV cover of Are You Experienced with Genesis' daughter signing? I heard it once but I could never track down the vinyl (or other format).


Nice! More video of FMU live is always appreciated.




Yep, that's daughter Caresse at age 6, and Sick Mob (aka PTV'er Fred Gianelli), from a 12" single; you can hear it here

Steve PMX

I have a PTV record called Kondole/Dead Cat and its one of the weirdest things ever. Got it from a used record store in Georgetown called Orpheus (not there anymore). Lots of whooshy whale sounds and drumming from the Master Musicians of Jajouka. love it....


That was a great show! Thanks PTV; thanks Fabio!

evan light

Righto! I had Genesis on the air up here in Montreal a few years ago when he was up for an exhibit/performance and his breast implants were fresh! Spent the evening spinning old British rock and chatting about the world. Never had a guest quite like Genesis...will make the show available once I resurrect the computer it's on. Ya'll can find us at - suburbansoundlab monday nights 1-3am. With any luck, we'll have Roky Erickson on in October...

clever leigh

who ever posted the info. about T.G being led by peter or genesis wanting to form PTV. Paula and genesis p'orridge were 2 of the founders of T.G. How could they meet frank and cossi when they were already involved together in T.G? They split and PTV was born.

count swineburger

Paula wasn't in TG. cosey fanni tutti and Gen were both in Coum Transmisions which sort of transformed into TG.
In fact at one point Cosey and Gen were lovers, utill chris came along and then Gen was with sleazy for a while. That is at least on version of the facts. For a 100% official version you will have to wait for the biogs


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