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September 20, 2006



Great way to begin hump-day. This shit is GOLD!


Skip is a great, great man.


I am so covering "Shake Hands with Danger" Thanks for the find.


My personal favorite is "Shy Guy", as here.

Starring Dick York in a role that will surprise you! And listen carefully, FMU listeners, as Dick describes the electronic device he is building to get friends. Yes, that is a technically accurate description of... a pirate radio station! Pump Up The Volume, Dick!

rock'n'roll poison

The internet archive is a great place for this stuff man, this one is my favorite it's INSANE

Dale Hazelton

Loved the filmstrip link (poor Steve), but without the little "plink" on the 45 to tell you when to change slides? The experience feels kinda empty....

My AV experience was in a college. I still have nightmares about the time I burned several frames of "The Man Who Fell to Earth" while running a rear projection unit for the Art Forum club. Oh, and Janus Films rocked!


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any guys want a blowjob , lol

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