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September 22, 2006


Noam Sane

Or possibly the 5th member of Autobahn? I'll have to check with Karl Hungus next time I see him.

Taro, at

Gee, I didn't know about Mark Karr's early work in Kraftwerk, but his asian modeling career was very successful.

Karr was featured on the September cover of the Japanese fashion magazine "LEON" as a "choiwaru oyaji" (middle-aged man who are a bit bad). To see Karr's cover on LEON go to:


what you don't see in this photo, is Mark Karr's insane high-waisted pants. High-waisted pants = pedaphile.


the pictures of that painting on ebay look suspiciously like the record stacks of a radio station - how come this wasn't included on the weekly FMU ebay blog posting?

Krys O.

John Mark Karr is the Lost Kemp Brother (see Kemp, Gary or Spandau Ballet).


pre-pubescent pantaphile?


and here's a pic of kraftwerk receiving wisdom from their original 5th member, the lord buddha:

eBay Auctionatrix Wendy

Kevin asked: "how come this wasn't included on the weekly FMU ebay blog posting?"

Well, Kevin, I can answer that, since I'm the one who not only writes the weekly ebay blog postings, but also I post the weekly ebay postings.

Kevin, since the unreleased version of Man Machine, featuring John Mark Karr as the fifth and forgotten member of Kraftwerk, is now considered by eBay to belong in the "mature audiences" section because of his alleged crimes in Asia, you have to submit a DNA sample to be able to even view the listing, as per eBay's rules. Once eBay receives your sample, you may view the listing. Otherwise, I'm not even allowed to tell you it exists. whoops.

Thank you for your inquiry, and happy shopping.
-eBay Auctionatrix Wendy


I always figured the fifth Door would've been Douglas Lubahn.

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