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September 18, 2006


fatty jubbo

re: the fall...

I had always fantasized about seeing the Fall so much that I have had a few dreams about it. In one- The Fall were playing some basement space and they took two hours to set up all their equipment which included all manner of gadgets including a dot matrix printer for some reason. When they were finished setting up, they immediately started breaking everything down. I was quite upset. MES tried to kiss me with his toothless mouth. I recoiled and some fat girl in a light blue sweatsuit lent me her sweatpants to wipe off my mouth.

I actually prefer a decent 20 minutes between bands these days as it's nice to let the previous set of music sink in and maybe chat a bit. A constant barrage of music often overloads me. I remember though, exruciating waiting periods between bands when I was too young to drink and didn't know anybody. Now time zips right on by and I'm actually more annoyed by the actual music given the sorry state of shit music these days.


When it use to take a while for my band to set up, we would have one of our friends do his stand up routine. It was great because it killed two birds with one stone. Keeping the crowd entertained and the mic check. Any how it seems like The Fall needs their own stage hands if it takes them 2 hours to set up a dot matrix printer. Never was too big a fan of the FALL.


Possibly one of the earlier examples of bands using MCs to annoy the hell out of the audience is Gary Yudman at Pink Floyd's "Wall" concerts. On the live "Wall" release, they cut out all but five seconds or so of his intro, but on the actual bootlegs he goes on and on, deliberately taunting the audience before getting cut off by "Pink Floyd" starting their first song.


This reminded me of my most painful between band wait back in Denver at the Mercury Lounge: two and a half hours waiting for the Dickies to take the stage. The club was in a cramped, sweltering attic and during out long wait there was no entertainment, nobody setting up on stage, no explanation. For every minute that passed, leaving the show became less of an option, as it seemed that it couldn't be much longer. Right? Finally, they took the stage and Leonard Graves Phillips was visibly f-ed up, which made it pretty clear what all the waiting was about. But then they played a three hour set featuring almost every one of their songs.


This is great! I have always wanted a copy of that Sebadoh tape. I saw them open for firehose what seems like a million years ago and they used that tape.

God I loved that show. God how most everyone else hated it.

That was a great night, although Watt had a broken leg and was particularly pissed off. I'm glad I met him later on.


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