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September 23, 2006


Listener Oscar

If your title was meant to be in Shakespearean English, I think you would properly have wrote it as, "Where Art Thou, Kid 'N Play?" which would mean "Where Are You, Kid 'N Play?".

"Wherefore art thou" means, literally, "why are you".


Vicki  - DO or DIY

PRS is the same. They are the royalty collectors for artists in the UK. I was curious when I found the "unclaimed royalties" section in their member's website, clicked on it and found every star that has had a hit waiting for from 5 pounds to 5000 for all kinds of interesting things from adverts to corporate music.... What I found sadder was that there were some obscure artists also missing out on a few quid here and there.


However, I do think it may be easier to find Scott Joplin then the members of Screeching Weasel - but that's basically the difference between being dead and being in hiding. And, what, they can't find USA For Africa?? They're right f-in here!

bad username

just for accuracy, the RIAA is a trade association, not an agency. SoundExchange is more akin to ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC.


i don't know about ben weasel, but jughead is easy to find - he's in the cast of the neo-futurists.


In fact, I saw him twice this past Saturday! We were up in the Neo-Futurists' neighborhood for a wedding, and saw him (a) leaving the theater in the afternoon, and (b) walking back to the theater around 10:00. If I had known about this I would have mentioned it; I'll have to drop him a line.

Steve PMX

so who DID get paid? lemme guess.... U2? Dionne Warwick?

For Christ's sake, pay Dinosaur Jr already!!!

Eric B.

This is indeed a travesty. But surely you good folks at WFMU have put them in contact with Yo La Tengo, right?



I know people who work at SoundExchange, and regret to say that whomever posted this is sadly misinformed. There are about 20 people at the company, and they are faced with the overwhelming task of finding EVERY ARTIST who has ever been played on satellite radio or digital music services (Muzak, DMX, etc.) and getting them their royalties.

What else...they don't keep the money that isn't distributed. You should probably e-mail soundexchange if you want this to be cleared up. They are totally's a non-profit appointed by the US Copyright Office to do the job it's doing. Not a scam, like this blog is making it out to be.


I don't read that into the post, binary. While the post is a little sarcastic, it isn't about accusing SoundExchange of being a scam, it's about how freaking easy it should be to find dozens of the artists on the unpaid list they posted on their own website. If they don't want to be made fun of for being unable to find a way to contact Ira Kaplan, Bob Mould, the McDonald brothers, Chuck D, and Kelis, then they shouldn't post such a list!!! 'Cause I could come up with legitimate email contacts for all the above in under ten minutes.


According to wikipedia, Dimebag Darrell is buried at the Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Texas. Or do they mean they can't find his heirs?

Steve Radisson

I'm having a "House Party" themed party, and I promised to invite Kid 'n Play. So this is my official invitation for them to come to my party in Coventry, Rhode Island November 18, 2006. If anyone knows how to track them down, let them know, OK? They can email me at if they need directions. Thanks in advance.
Steve Radisson

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