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October 26, 2006



Scar Stuff is indeed the best source of Halloween recordings on the web today. I just come on to shamelessly promote my own blog as well as my Halloween website:

I hope you find them enjoyable as well. Thanks for your blog.

Mark Burnworth

Check this out as well:


hey!, you don't have any links to the "Scary Spooky Stuff" record. that one has the legendary "Skinny Toe" story in it.


Aw, man! I thank you from the bottom of my little baboon heart for all the kind words here, and I'm so glad to see the site finding its way into the, you know, right hands. In fact everyone mentioned here is doing really great stuff -- it's amazing to me how much cool spooky audio sprung up online this year & I'm pleased to've been a part of it.

Oh and hey, if I may be so bold here, lemme just try & call extraspeciallookatme attention to the two compilation discs I made: Spook Party & Ghoul-Arama. Throw 'em alongside other great comps like the new Oddio Overplay collection & Reverend Frost's supercool mixes & you could even have something of an Instant Spooky Happening. In fact maybe in a pinch they could even function as a something of a condensed version of the whole damn Scar Stuff site, just kinda layered all on top of each other with music. Well, and wind. I might've overdone it on the wind.

Anyway, thanks again!


Dano - I fixed that link - and updated the Great Ghost Stories section to include both albums. I got them as a set and they bleed together in my head anyway. I also added The Skinny Toe to the post, because you are right, that one is just plain great.

Jason - so good to hear from you! I wanted to mention your mixes as well, but didn't want to overcrowd the post. I really enjoy them - and I love the over-dub versions of some of the songs more than the originals (The Fall's "The Mummy" is a great song, but so much better with the added sound effects). Thanks also for pointing folks to Oddio Overplay - great mixes there as well.


its sad we all don't have "The Skinny Toe" on vinyl like my fourth grade library study did because you can set the record at a higher speed and it becomes absolutely hilarious with a high pitched machine gun fire delivery..


Here is Skinny Toe on 45rpm!
You're right - it sounds great on fast speed. And the story is so naturally slow, that it is still listenable...and not at all scary.

Goyim in the AM

Thanks for these!! I didn't even know I had a Bejeezus until "The Dark" scared it out of me as a kid when I heard it on the radio (WAMU?) -- and it's still creepy as hell.


Oh man, DanO. We had some good times with those high speed "Skinny Toe" listening sessions. Everyone had their headphones on, sitting around a table and giggling hysterically.

Don't forget the slowed down version too: whoooooooose gaaahhht maaaaaaaai skeeeeeeeny tooooooohhhhh-uhhhh!?

Rev. Frost



This blog is one of my favorites, ever, and this post is one of the best of your best. Glad to see you guys give big ups to Reverend Frost, too...

I linked to this post for my "Halloween Faves" picks in my role as the Journals Editor, as well... I'll be listening to this stuff for weeks.


Hey !
I've just found this homemade video on YouTube from user JimSweet :

"The best kids book and record ever.
I took my old GI Joe book and record and scanned in all the pictures. The I made the mouth for each picture by drawing them in on paint shop pro. Then I laid each frame into the movie maker program and mixed it with the audio from the record. So I basically animated this but just the mouths mostly."


Just an FYI - I am currently in the process of re-posting all of Jason's Scar Stuff LPs (with his full knowledge of course). I'm about 80% done now. You can find the link to my blog in this post. Thanks for this great website!!!


Hey Rev
I was really interested in hearing your haloween mixes but the files was expired. Its a pity. We had a similar idea to do a haloween theme mix this Nov (can't belive you beat us to it!!!?)
Anyway, please get in touch if you ever re-post the mixes 'cos we'd love to hear 'em and let us know if you're interested in ours - we'll post it on our shittybeatz myspace
Stay safe

Jack Reptile

WOW......I finally have "The Golden Arm" and "The Skinny Toe" on CD!!!! These use to scare me horribly as a child many,many,many moons ago. I can't wait to surprise my older brother. Thank you for these.


Do you have soundtrack of series from Alfred Hichtcok?


I love this page! I've linked to you to share the work you've done gathering these great Halloween classics. Thanks a ton!

Djak Frost

its sad we all don't have "The Skinny Toe" on vinyl like my fourth grade library study did because you can set the record at a higher speed and it becomes absolutely hilarious with a high pitched machine gun fire delivery..


OMG! I've just finished listening to "The Skinny Toe" speeded up....I used to listen to this record at the Wolfgang's house in the late 70's when we were kids! We also used to speed up the record for this story. We would really creep ourselves out and run like hell down the hall at the scary parts. Now I just need to get my hands on a complete copy of Scary Spooky Stories.
Thanks for the memories!!


i have downloaded it from
and it is really great!



Sister Hairy Hymen

The link above is dead!

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does anyone have Scary Spooky Stories album available to download?

stephanie soltes

Here's some fun Halloween music on this blog,that will curl your tail.Lots of old and NEW and OLD scary music.

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