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October 26, 2006


Billy Dawson

Hey ya'll! Thanks for "THE SKINNEY TOE" I've been looking for that! It's as awesome as I remember! I have a question. I saw a cartoon when I was growing up and I think it was a CLAYMATION sort of like the CALIFORNIA RAISINS. It was about a BOOGEYMAN coming to kids houses that didn't go to sleep or they were bad kids and he would steal them away. It might have been on HBO or Cinemax. I was too young to remember. If anyone has any info on this please let me know. Thanks a bunch! peace

Billy Dawson

Heidi Richards

Do you remember listening to a record about a story with a guy who goes to a house with spanish moss hanging from the trees around and he goes in and lots of things happen in the house like he is in the dark and runs into a coffin and bats come out.... he also sees a lady ghost who wails "My baby, my baby, have you seen my baby?" I can't remember much more, but it was such a scary record to me in the 70's or early 80's... if you know what this record is called, I would be most grateful because I want to scare my kids with it... mwwwwaahhhhhaaaahaaaaahaaa..


I too am looking for the record of the ghost story Heidi mentions in the above post. A guy narrates his story as he makes his way past a creepy old man "I'd advise you to turn back... it's not safe in this weather" to the house where he hears "My baby, have you seen my baby... my baby". I want my kids to hear this classic haunted tale.


Ugh, I'm looking for the same one! Can't remember what it was called. I had it in about 1978 or 79.


The record you are looking for is

The Sounds of Halloween Written and Produced by J. Robert Elliott, Recorded Mixed, and Mastered at A&M Recording Studios, Beverly Hills, California
Side One: Story: Halloween Horror SP-3152/Stereo(SP-03152-A)
Cast: Young Man - Michael Bell
Gas Station Attendant - Peter Cullen
Ghost - Nadine Arlyn

Anyone have a copy online?

Eddie Spivey

If anyone has The Sounds of Halloween in good condition for sale....please contact me!!!

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