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October 20, 2006



Nice family pics! Why can't people look that lovable and diverse?

On first view it did make me think back to the item on the Speakeasy about Rogue Taxidermy though :)


Great one of Paris Hilton...oh no, wait...

frank patrick

Here's the original source . . .

Paul Kopeikin Gallery - Jill Greenberg

Station Manager Ken

Thanks Frank - I've corrected the attribution link. When I found those photos on that Russian site, I knew they had an uncanny resemblance to those crying kids "End Times" series. How does Jill Greenburg do it? She's my new photographer hero.


Goyim in the AM

So what did she do, take their bananas away?


There's at least a week's worth of homepage-click-on-the-WFMU-DJ-for-the-soundbite-of-the-day pics here.


By the way, these are as heartbreaking as the best Diane Arbus portraits.


If you like the primates, poke around here:

Former 7SD call-screener Maria

As a biology instructor, I am compelled to point out that some of these are apes, not monkeys. Great photos - let's hope she does sloths next.


Does she exclusively make art that's painful to look at?

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