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October 04, 2006



I haven't been able to find any confirmation online, but I'm 95% sure that the "Eldridge de Paris" image is actually an ad parody from the National Lampoon magazine. Does anyone else remember this??


I know that there were some clever attempts at raising mone ffor the panthers and the movement they helped to get rolling. Bobby Seale wrote a cook book "Barbecuing with Bobby" and of course the BLA robbed banks. To my knowledge though "cock pants" were not among the ideas employed. Guys, try and imagine the discomfort of wearing these, even just for the photo shoot.

Eldridge Cleaver was on a bit of a spiritual journey after his exile. He folloed up Soul on Ice his revolutionary but fairly misogynist book with Sould on Fire his Born Again Christian but fairly misogynist other book. Of course when he was born again he became less of a threat to white america and so that book is sort of cute and oh so kitchy.
He bounced around from religion to religion for a while, but was always pretty much a born again christian.

Honestly it wold have been more intersting and yet even more kitchy if his spiritual journey had ended in a duel with githyanki noble on the demiplane of ectoplasm.

It did not.


They show clips from CityTv's Boogie on Much More Music's Retro Boogie Dance Party.


And it's the most entertaining thing on MuchMoreMusic (Canada's answer to VH1)!


Holy God... as a child of the 1980s, I still remember Choose Your Own Adventure, but I had totally forgotten about Micro Adventures. My memory now jostled, I can recall carefully entering the lines of code in the book into my Commodore 64, even though, of course, as long as you had even a rudimentary understanding of programming, you could in one try overcome whatever challenge set forth for you.

I actually recall another series, whose name escapes me, that incorporated elements of D&D and other role-playing games, that involved creating a character for the sake of your "adventure." A la those sorts of games, your character possessed certain traits whose presence (or absence) would affect the course of your journey, as well as "hit points" which, when expended, resulted in your death. There was also, of course, dice-rolling involved, as well.

Enid Coleslaw

Hey R, I think you might be talking about Fighting Fantasy, which my 9-year-old geek self thoroughly enjoyed. It was published in UK, and you created your character by rolling dice, whose score determined how powerful/wimpy your character would be. There was a series involving ninjas (well, you were a ninja, that is) I quite liked as well; if I'm not mistaken it's called Way of the Tiger.

I really liked Choose Your Own Adventure too; started out with those before moving on to the ones with dice. My Dungeons & Dragons ambitions were thwarted by not knowing enough geeks who would play with me, so I played the occasional game on my lonesome, which wasn't quite the same.


Actually, the Eldridge de Paris ad is real. As ridiculous as it sounds, Eldridge Cleaver did open up a clothing line by that name. Pants in the ad were known as the Cleaver Sleeve

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