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October 02, 2006



Someone better tell this guy:


Outstanding stuff!

"Do you, believer in Jesus, want to side with dope fiends, sex perverts, rebels against government?"

Actually, yes. Yes, I do.

The idiocy knows no bounds.


Of course, that document is right. The Bible does say that long hair is "degrading" for a man to wear. The Bible says lots of silly things, but it is less silly to believe all of them than only to believe some of them (as most Christians seem to--even most bible-thumpin', homo-hatin' Southern Baptist don't seem to have a problem with shrimp, etc.). As insane as ultra-literal fundamentalist types are, their beliefs are actually more logical and internally consistent than those of less literal Christians.


...and, of course, there are also semi-contradictory bits like:

Leviticus 19:27
"Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard."


Funny, I've never seen christ with short hair...

Lukas Geyer

It is pretty silly, and not at all consistent, to believe in the literal truth of the bible. The problem is that all these books were written in different times by different people, and actually contradict each other all the time. Just look at the differences between the gospel of John and the other three ones.

The not-so-literal Christians at least make an attempt to understand those contradictions and some of the insane rules ("do not put on a garment woven with two different kinds of thread") in their historical context. I don't know how they justify that these books (chosen by some church leaders in the second century) have a special status, but I wouldn't say that they are less logical than the literal lunatics.


But....jesus..ALWAYS..has long hair...WTF? argg, you Christians confuse me so.


Well of course the scribe is from the Netherlands. The only fun Dutchmen i've ever encountered let their hair go long at least once. Look at Golden Earring as your example. And Liz, shame on YOU. For I've known you to address me as Hippie more than once. I'm starting to see this is a witchhunt.


Two things:
1. As a Christian, perhaps you consider me a "fundie," this pamhlet is legalism--It adds to what the scripture says and it's wildly off base.

2. The Levitical laws were old conventant commants to the Levites. They are not relevant in Christianity.

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