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October 24, 2006



yeah yeah..its been done..see Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Stanley Jordan, Egberto Gismonti


chicago band maps and atlases have a similarly performed tune.

Stark Effect

I also posted this over at Metafilter, where there's a nice thread going about other guitarists doing similar extended guitar techniques.


yes sir, Egberto , derek, fred. you are right mr joe. it also makes me miss those old elliot sharp and carbon shows in the 80s with zeena on the ''slab''. this guy is very un-experimental to me. I recall mr. Marc Gilmore [the jazz drummer -see steve coleman / mbase ...] playing quite a chapman stick solo at a black rock coalition show back then. made stanley j. look downright foolish. ahhhh those old BRC shows were really somethin else. they're still goin, but ahhhh those formative years. i am truly deeply sorry you missed it all. maybe y'all fmu-ers can hook up with them. the series of shows called 'a tribute to parliament funkadelic and the art ensemble of chicago' from uh.... 88? 89? they have tapes and such. the one with this band was good: sonny sharrock, john paul bourelley, melvin gibbs, anthony coleman, gene lake, + 5 or six others,.... kelvin bell's solo tribute to the AEC. man, there was a great 8 hour show at least every week. you liar . you wernt there. i only counted 4 white people including me & my friend. & the other 2 were germans. have i lost track of the original subject? fk this punk ass whity


i never seen such a guitarist in the world.(erik mongain).

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