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October 26, 2006



I was kind of hoping the tracks would be blank - because that is exactly how much I want to know about Grand Funk Railroad. But no, there is stuff there, and now I have to listen to it, because I am obsessive that way. Thanks, Ken. Thanks a lot.


I have the Osmonds version, but it always gives me terrible anxiety, because the super fast-talking woman who does it is edited so that she never takes a breath, and she talks in super-long run on sentences anyway, and just when you think she should be gasping, she reels off another string off facts and quasi-anecdotes with the kind of lurching, dememnted, bubbly enthusiasm one could only get from repeated shots to the chest of's kind of like when Centipede is getting faster and faster and you begin to feel delirious...

the man in lumberjack vee



"smoke steamin' body funk from the midwest, Grand Funk, a bruising, blasting electric vibration ia a railroad for its generation, and running like a clockwork orange, right on its time"

Get that guy a paragraph break! I can hear the spittle attempting to exit his throat.


This is awesome. It's somewhere between Spinal Tap and Some King of Monster. I hope the people the make Metalocalypse parody it.

Shtebe N

Lemme just say this for the record: GFR sucked from go. I know, I was there. I'm sorry, but they will continue to suck until the end of time. The most daunting thing [apart from the fact that some WFMU DJs insist on playing GFR's "I'm Your Captain", the suckiest & longest of all GFR's "music"] is that Grand Funk Railroad is really and truly an American Band.

Clay Pigeon

Grand Funk was great. I was there, too, and as a kid from the midwest, their early, raw, garagey, political, power-trio rock was a revelation. Inside Lookin' Out, Mean Mistreator, T.N.U.C., Got This Thing On The Move - Raw Beauty. They did go downhill over time, but, besides Dylan, who doesn't? Saw them reunited in '97 and it was fantastic. GFR deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Chicago, too. Just my opinion. Watch this and you'll see why they were great.

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